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Online Training: Raw Materials Empowering Sustainability: Mind the Gap - 1. What is sustainability and why do we need raw materials to achieve it?

26 May 2022
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Contributes to CPD, Course, Online Training, Virtual event
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Geological Society Events, 2022 Year of Sustainability
Virtual event
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This course starts at 16.30 GMT and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Raw Materials Empowering Sustainability: Mind the Gap - What is sustainability and why do we need raw materials to achieve it?

• Define sustainability, geosystem services, natural resources, and other key terms and jargon relevant to later sessions (e.g. doughnut economics)
• Differentiate between resources that are grown/farmed vs those that are extracted from the geosphere
• Describe why and how we use resources from the geosphere, including minerals and hydrocarbons
• Understand why we need mining, and what mining includes, i.e. metalliferous and non-metalliferous inorganic minerals, quarrying, coal (metallurgical and thermal)
• Recognise the energy transition as being from a system dependent on fossil fuels to one dependent on minerals
• Analyse the role of minerals in delivering other sustainable development goals (SDGs)
• Critically engage with debates and contested issues re mined resources and sustainable development, including:
• Positive and negative sustainability impacts of mining
• Dependencies and trade-offs between SDGs
• Future raw materials supply and demand scenarios for a more populous and carbon-constrained world


• Keynote 'lecture' followed by facilitated Q&A

• Option to have interactive exercise

• Briefing of upcoming modules


Sarah Gordon (Satarla), Rose Clarke (Satarla), Ruth Allington (Allington Collaborative Problem Solving Ltd), Nic Bilham 


This course is a free introductory course, as part of the Raw Materials Empowering Sustainability: Mind the Gap series. The series consists of another 9 courses, which are available for purchase individually, or as part of a discounted package. Only paying delegates will have access to the recording of this session.

Registration for this session will close at 12.00 GMT on 25 May 2022

We also offer discounts on group bookings of 5 or more, please email to enquire.

Student Registration

Previous course speakers Alison Graham and Vicky Corcoran have kindly donated a proportion of their speaker fee to fund places for students, this has enabled the society to offer a limited number of student places at a special rate. Proof of student status required when registering at this rate.


This series of events will be held virtually over Zoom at 16.30 GMT.


Please contact with any enquiries.

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