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Puddingstone and related silcretes of the Anglo-Paris Basin - geological and archaeological perspectives

16 - 19 May 2014
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Conference, Field trip
Organised by:
Geological Society Events, Geologists' Association, Sociey of Antiquaries
The Geological Society, Burlington House
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Hertfordshire Puddingstone and its regional counterparts have long been of interest to both geologists and archaeologists, while recent developments in the understanding of modern silcrete and recent petrographic and stable isotope studies of the puddingstone silica cements are providing new insights into the origin of puddingstone.  Even though Hertfordshire Puddingstone is a remarkably tough rock, it has been found in place in only a few locations.  In contrast, puddingstone that has been moved and used by humankind is much more common. In particular, Roman puddingstone querns are found over a wide area and are of particular interest to archaeologists.

In the last six years there has been growing cooperation between geologists and archaeologists on puddingstones studies, to investigate both the Hertfordshire Roman puddingstone quarry and to look further afield.  In 2011 a second Roman puddingstone quarry was found in Northern France, in an area of the Paris Basin that includes fossiliferous Paleogene puddingstone.

The meeting will cover puddingstones and silcretes of similar age in both the Hampshire and Paris Basins, and the weekend field trip will include East Hertfordshire/Essex, then Saint-Saëns and Sotteville in Northern France. It is anticipated that both the meeting and the post-conference field trips will lead to further co-operative research between archaeologists and geologists.

Speakers include:

  • Tony Brown
  • Chris Green
  • Jenny Huggett
  • Bryan Lovell
  • David Nash
  • Mike Parker Pearson
  • Florence Quesnel
  • Jane Tubb

Full details can be found within the draft PDF programme.


Deadline: Friday 14 March 2014

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Field trips:

Please download the PDF fieldtrip information sheet for more information.  You can register for the fieldtrip either online or download the PDF registration form.


    • Chris Green (Society of Antiquaries)
    • Jenny Huggett (Petroclays)
    • Rory Mortimore (Geologists' Association)



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    Burlington House
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