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Energy Group - Natural Hydrogen: A New Frontier for Energy Geoscience

04 - 05 July 2023
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Conference, Hybrid
Organised by:
Geological Society Events, Energy Group
Hybrid In person at Burlington House and Virtual via Zoom
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Registration is now closed - Only virtual attendance available, please contact directly for more information 

The quest for natural hydrogen is gathering momentum. Hydrogen exploration is currently active in Africa, South America, Australia, USA, France and Spain and a discovery of ‘free’ (gas-phase) hydrogen has been put into production in the Taoudeni Basin of Southern Mali (Prinzhofer et al. 2018). Although legislation is lagging behind, if significant volumes of gas-phase natural hydrogen can be proven in subsurface accumulations, it would naturally become the ‘green’ successor to petroleum and represent an exciting new frontier for exploration geoscience.

This conference will address how geoscience can be applied to the exploration for Natural Hydrogen and will focus on developing the geological understanding and application towards exploiting Natural hydrogen. We invite abstracts for the following themes:

  • Global Occurrences & Habitats of Natural Hydrogen
  • Sources of Natural Hydrogen
    • Controls & Constraints on the Serpentinisation & Radiolytic Reactions
    • Other significant sources of Hydrogen
  • Migration & alteration
    • Migration processes for Hydrogen vs other natural gases
    • Geochemical & Biological processes affecting preservation of Natural Hydrogen
  • Trapping & retarding
    • Mechanisms and thresholds for retarding and trapping Hydrogen
    • Hydrogen accumulation – static vs dynamic
  • Play Models
    • Natural Hydrogen in Oceanic Settings
    • Natural Hydrogen in Continental Settings
    • Case Studies
  • Exploration Techniques
    • Repurposing techniques and data from other energy and extractive sectors (e.g. oil and gas, mining).
    • Play based exploration
    • Surface Geochemistry and hydrogen indications
  • Estimating the Resource: Flux v Accumulation, tools for evaluation and analysis
    • Drilling & logging techniques – developing for Hydrogen detection
    • Estimating resources & modelling extraction

Keynote speakers



  • Helen Doran - Ola Geoscience
  • Steve Lawrence - SRC
  • Owain Jackson - H2Au
  • Alain Prinzhofer - GEO4U
  • Andy Barnicoat - Barnicoat Geoconsulting
  • Richard Heath - NHSG
  • Ian Hutchinson - Natural Hydrogen Study Group
  • Philip Ball - University of Keele
  • Krystian Czado - Geological Survey of NSW

Registration fees

In-Person attendance:

Fellow  £200.00 
Non-Fellow £300.00 
Student £50.00
Student Fellow £25.00
Speaker £175.00 
Corporate Patron £260.00

Virtual attendance:

Fellow  £100.00 
Non-Fellow  £150.00 
Student  £25.00 
Student Fellow  Free
Speaker  £80.00 
Corporate Patron  £110.00 

Registration is now closed - Only virtual attendance available, please contact directly for more information.