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Life beyond Earth - The big debate

25 November 2021
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Virtual event
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The Open University, 2021 Year of Space
Virtual event
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Location and time

Online via Zoom from 16.30 - 17.45 GMT


The Open University of Wales and Astrobiology OU

Event details

Join a panel of Open University experts as they go head-to-head to debate whether life is more likely on Mars or on the Icy Moons of the gas planets.

Team Icy Moons

Yr Athro/Prof. Karen Olsson-Francis, Director Astrobiology, Open University 

Dr Mark Fox Powell, Research Fellow, Astrobiology, Open University

Team Mars

Dr Susanne P. Schwenzer, Associate Director Astrobiology, Open University

Dr Peter Fawdon, Aurora Research Fellow, UK Space Agency 

Debate Chair

Dr Victoria Pearson, Associate Director Astrobiology, Open University


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