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Geology of Britain: An Overview

25 February - 01 March 2019
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Endorsed CPD Course, Lecture
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The Green Park Hotel
Green Park Hotel, Pitlochry
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Would you like to gain an overview of Britain’s rich and varied geological heritage? If so, then the ‘Geology of Britain’ course at the Green Park Hotel is the one for you!

This class-based course will take you on a journey through more than 3 billion years of Earth history and will introduce you to some of the oldest rocks on our planet. It is a story of formidable volcanoes, the destruction of ancient oceans, Himalayan-scale mountain ranges, tropical seas, swamps and deserts. 

There will be a basic introduction to geology on the first day, to help ‘set the scene’ then the course is delivered through a series of PowerPoint presentations with hands-on practical sessions, interspersed where relevant. A substantial, museum-quality geological collection of rocks, minerals and fossils, from both the UK and abroad, will be available for you to view and handle.

A large variety of geological maps from across Britain, general interest books, guides and textbooks will also be to hand for inspection. These range from basic to more advanced to suit all levels.

A ‘petrological’ microscope that is specially adapted to look at thin sections of rocks will also be present, so that you can scrutinise the magnified inner secrets of British igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks down the microscope.


£435 per person for the four day Geology Break (which includes course fees, residential accommodation and all meals in the hotel).

Fellows of the Geological Society receive a reduction of £25.00 per person courtesy of The Green Park Hotel.


To book on to the course please visit the the Green Park Hotel Geology Break website - Here you will find more information and a booking form.

Alternatively, contact the hotel directly - contact details below.


Dr Annette McGrath (


The Green Park Hotel
Clunie Bridge Road
Pitlochry PH16 5JY 

Tel: 01796 473248 




The hotel is accessible to wheelchairs with graded approaches to the main reception, Garden Wing, and Tower Wing entrances. Both lifts are wheelchair friendly. Please contact the hotel for more information

Endorsed by the Geological Society.