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HCNRG: Lithium in Cornwall: The foundation for a responsible UK battery supply chain

01 June 2022
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Lecture, Regional Group, Virtual event
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Geological Society Events, Home Counties North Regional Group
Virtual event
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7pm BST, online via Zoom

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It is estimated that global Lithium production must quadruple between 2020 and 2030 to meet growing demand principally for batteries, from 345,000 tonnes in 2020 to at least 2 million tonnes in 2030. Currently, China is the world’s leading supplier of Lithium, but the search is on worldwide for alternative sources and in the UK much of this exploration and development activity is focused on Cornwall. This county has a long and proud history of mining and minerals associated with the local granite. However, new approaches and technologies are required to recover the Lithium in our era of sustainable development.

This lecture will cover the origin and occurrence of Lithium in Cornwall; the exploration techniques used to find it; and the innovative methods of processing being developed to extract lithium in a responsible manner.


Dr Rebecca Paisley MEarthSci (Oxon) PhD, Exploration Geochemist, Cornish Lithium Ltd

Rebecca is an Exploration Geochemist for Cornish Lithium, she holds a PhD in Earth & Planetary Sciences from McGill University, Canada, and master’s degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford, UK. She specialises in using geochemical data to constrain sub-surfaces processes in a variety of geological environments. Rebecca joined Cornish Lithium to assist with developing the geochemical side of their exploration efforts, and currently designs and implements the geothermal waters sampling strategies for their drill programs. She also manages Cornish Lithium’s direct lithium extraction (DLE) work package, evaluating different technologies and their abilities to process Cornish geothermal fluids.

Hugo Heard BSc MSc, Geologist, Cornish Lithium Ltd

Hugo holds an MSc in Mining Geology from the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines) and a BSc in Chemistry and Geology from the University of St Andrews. He has recently moved from an archivist role with Cornish Lithium to a Generative Geologist role applying his working knowledge of the company’s archive to target generation and the early stages of mineral exploration.


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