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The Geology of Geomechanics

28 - 29 October 2015
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Geological Society Events, Energy Group, Tectonic Studies Group
The Geological Society, Burlington House, London
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This conference aims to bring together geologists and engineers from the petroleum, radioactive waste disposal, carbon sequestration, mining and geothermal communities to discuss the links between the geomechanical disciplines and mainstream geology.

We define geomechanics as the study of stresses in the crust, and their impact on the stability of rocks (e.g. reservoirs, seals, faults) and man-made features therein (tunnels, boreholes, repositories). Stress leads to change and we need data, tools, models and workflows to understand and manage it.

Geomechanics is a well-established sub-discipline but until recently has had relatively little airing across geology. However, geomechanical models depend critically on geological inputs. We are particularly interested in what geological observations can add to the predominantly present-day observations and analysis of geomechanics. Furthermore, what can geology learn from the unique observations of geomechanical datasets? Geologists and engineers therefore need to share their understanding of the key issues in geomechanics, and to develop a common language to describe our respective approaches to it.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Tony Addis, Baker Hughes
  • Terry Engelder, Pennsylvania State University
  • Julia Gale, University of Texas
  • Rick Sibson FRS, formerly of the University of Otago
    Session title: The edge of failure: Critical stress-overpressure states in different tectonic regimes
  • Mark Tingay, Chevron
    Session title: The Present-Day Stress Field in Sedimentary Basins


Registration for this meeting is now open.  To register, please complete the online registration form.

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The programme for this meeting is now available to download.

Field Trip

It is intended that there will be a post-conference field trip to the North Somerset coast on Friday 30 October until Sunday 1 November 2015, following the conference at Burlington House, London. More information about this will follow shortly.

In the meantime, for more information about the field trip, please contact Jonathan Turner.

Book Launch

Time: 5.40pm

At the drinks reception on Wednesday 28 October Andrew Gould, Chairman BG-Group, will launch 'Ground Breakers: The story of oilfield technology and the people who made it happen' and introduce the authors Mark Mau and Henry Edmundson and illustrator Abigail Whitehead.

There will be an exhibition of the illustrations, and books will available for purchase at reduced prices. Attendance from SPE members is welcome from 5.40pm.  Complimentary drinks and nibbles will be available.


  • Jonathan Turner (BG Group)
  • Dave Healy (University of Aberdeen)
  • Richard Hillis (Deep Exploration Technologies CRC)
  • Michael Welch (Schlumberger)

Registration rates

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£ 185.00
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£ 135.00
£ 135.00
£ 60.00
£ 70.00

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Conference Office

The Geological Society
Burlington House

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