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Online Training - Geohazards: Problematic soils - peat

03 March 2021
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CPD Geohazards Lecture Series presents Problematic Soils - Peat by Chris Eccles.

Start time: 17.00 hrs

Peat Hazards - Compression, Drainage and Failure  

Peat  found through out the UK but most of these deposits are in Northern England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  It is present across 32.3% of the UK land mass but many geologist’s and engineers still fine dealing with this unique material a challenging activity.  Peat is a highly compressible material with time dependant consolidation and rheological behaviour which is determined by its structure, degree of humification and hydraulic properties.  Peat has a ‘remarkable’ water content from over 100 % to 1,800 % and there is no simple relationship between magnitude and rate of compression of peat with loading.   It also often highly inhomogeneous  both laterally and vertically at a site.  This lecture will review the engineering background to peat behaviour and considers ways these hazards may be mitigated.

Chris S Eccles Eur Geol, FGS, CGeol, CSci, SiLC, UK RoGEP Adviser.

Chris Eccles has over 30 years experience in both contracting and consultancy mainly in the UK.  He provides integrated advice on environmental, geotechnical and waste management issues to derive pragmatic sustainable solutions.  He has designed: the remediation of contamination, embankments, foundations, roads, slope stability and earth retaining structures.  He has worked on a number of projects where peat has formed the primary project risk due to it’s unique properties. 


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