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Online Training Geohazards: Metalliferous mining and building stone (principally Devon and Cornwall)

01 June 2021
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CPD Geohazards Lecture Series presents Metalliferous Mining and Building Stone (principally Devon and Cornwall) by Simon Ruddlesden.

Start time: 17.00 hrs

The largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UK is found in Cornwall and west Devon; its designation is based specifically on its heritage of metalliferous mining, especially tin, copper and arsenic. With a history of over 2,000 years of mining, South West England is exceptional in the nature and extent of its mining landscape. The mining for metallic ores, and non-metallic rocks, is a strongly related to the distinctive geology of the region. The mining hazards that are encountered are a function of a number of factors, including: the Palaeozoic rocks; the predominant steeply dipping nature of the mineral veins (lodes) and consequent shaft mining; the long history of mining; the great depth and complexity of some of the mines; and the wastes and by-products derived from processing. Whilst Devon and Cornwall are better known for historical metalliferous mining, similar hazards also result from non-metal mines, including kaolin, slate, coal, whetstone, limestone, ball clay and lignite.

Speaker - Simon Ruddlesden

Simon Ruddlesden is an engineering geologist and founder of Ruddlesden geotechnical, an independent ground investigation company, providing geotechnical and contaminated land consultancy services since 2004. Based in Exeter, Devon, Simon’s and Ruddlesden geotechnical’s work covers the whole of the UK but is concentrated in Devon and Cornwall and has covered many of the geotechnical and geo-environmental hazards associated with the legacy of past mining in the region, as well as providing appropriate remedial solutions.


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