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Online Training Geohazards: Landslides

30 March 2021
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CPD Geohazards Lecture Series presents Landslides by Professor Eddie Bromhead.

Start time: 17.00 hrs

This lecture covers a selection of the many landslide types encountered in the UK, and their distribution in Great Britain, related to such factors as the underlying geology, present erosion in places such as the coast, past erosion such as glaciation leaving valley sides in an unstable state, and sometimes the result of unwise engineering or building works.

While the UK is not as susceptible to major, disastrous, landslides as are some countries, it does have its ‘fair share’ of the phenomenon, and being a densely populated country, the occurrence of a landslide can range from the merely inconvenient, to the life-changing, incident. The lecture will describe some notable incidents, and point out that the study of UK landslides and failures in earthworks has informed engineering geology practice in many other parts of the world.

While landslides that cause fatalities are few and far between, due in part to the sedate pace with which landslides tend to occur in the UK, there are outliers, including the devastating loss of life in the Aberfan tragedy in 1966, and rapid onset and motion landslides also occur in some settings such as coastal cliffs. 

The lecture will point participants towards the Landslide Inventory, now maintained by BGS, but developed originally by Geomorphological Services Ltd, which showed formerly unknown distributions and  statistics on the occurrence of UK landslides.

Speaker - Eddie Bromhead

Eddie Bromhead is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Fellow of the Geological Society. He is the author of over 120 publications, including the well-regarded book ‘The Stability of Slopes’. Eddie Bromhead’s contribution to the understanding of soil behaviour in landslides includes the development of a small ring shear apparatus, his paper on which was voted the most important paper in the first 50 years of ‘Ground Engineering’. 

Much of Eddie Bromhead’s academic career at Kingston University, from which he retired in 2012, where he reached the position of Professor in 1989. He is currently an Emeritus Professor there. 

After spending a number of years on the Editorial Board of QJEGH, he went on to be its Chief Scientific Editor for 5 years. That was appropriate, as he has published papers a number of times in that Journal, starting from his first article in 1978.


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