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Online Training Geohazards: Glacial Hazards Lecture

26 January 2021
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Geological Society Events
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The CPD Geohazards Lecture Series presents Glacial Hazards with Dr David Giles.

Start time: 17.00 hrs

The geology of the Quaternary Period is often underappreciated in construction, yet its legacy is highly significant for ground engineering. All ground projects will encounter relict Quaternary terrains, deposits and landforms and their correct identification and interpretation is key to the success of any such engineering projects. The development of Quaternary ground models will help to communicate and understand the vertical and lateral variability of these environments, defining geological hazards that may be present and understanding the risks that they potentially pose. This webinar will illustrate the relic glaciogenic hazards potentially encountered in these terrains and the diagnostic characteristics that the geoscientist should be aware of during the site investigation process in order to manage the uncertainty presented by these highly variable ground conditions. The tools and building blocks necessary for the development of Conceptual Ground Models will be addressed.

Speaker - Dr David Giles

Dr David Giles is Card Geotechnics Ltd’s Digital Imagery Consultant with over 35 years’ experience in academia and the Engineering Geology and Geotechnics industry. His experience includes 28 years lecturing and researching in Engineering Geology in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Portsmouth. Dr Giles is an active member of the Engineering Group of the Geological Society of London, a past Chair and an active member of Geological Society Working Parties including UK Geological Hazards, which he chairs and the Engineering Geology and Geomorphology of Glaciated and Periglaciated Terrains.

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