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Contaminated Land Group: NAPL in the UK context, does it matter?

06 November 2019
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Conference, Specialist Group
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Contaminated Land Group, 2019 Year of Carbon
The Priory Rooms Meeting & Conference Centre, Birmingham
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From petrol and diesel to chlorinated solvents and coal tar, the UK has a legacy of non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) contamination beneath the ground. In this, the Geological Society's “Year of Carbon”, the Contaminated Land Group held a one-day conference at the Priory Rooms, Birmingham, looking at characterising and managing NAPL.

Published in 2003, the Environment Agency Illustrated handbook of DNAPL transport and fate in the subsurface, warned readers that the science of assessment and remediation was new and evolving. With publication of CL:AIRE’s LNAPL Companion in 2014 and guidance on Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater in 2017 questions are raised: 

  • Where does this leave the assessment of accidental or legacy releases? 
  • What advances have we made and what is the current regulatory position?

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