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TVRG: US onshore shale business - messages for such an industry really getting started in the UK

11 December 2019
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Evening Meeting, Lecture
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Thames Valley Regional Group
Halliburton, Milton, Abingdon
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David Bamford will be giving an insight into the US onshore shale business and whether it has any messages for the likelihood of such an industry really getting started in the UK.

Media headlines about unconventionals – shale oil, shale gas – in the USA tend to focus on the fact that the country is now the world’s leading petroleum producer, on the technology of ‘fracking’, and on the impact of a domestic, independent energy supply on both US industry and Washington’s geopolitical perceptions.

From a petro-technical point of view, and of interest to anyone contemplating the internationalising of such unconventional exploitation, are two key questions: firstly, how do we figure out which basins to look in, and secondly, how do we find the "sweet spots" in target basins – the sub-regions where unconventional resources are economic at oil prices as low as $40 per barrel?

The US experience over the last 15 years (or so) provides the answers to both these questions, and allows us to identify with confidence the basins elsewhere which should "work" for unconventionals – and then where to look within them.

If these ideas are applied to the UK, David believes that it is very clear what will and will not work – leading to a perhaps surprising conclusion as to where shale exploitation efforts should be focused.

Please arrive from 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start.

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97 Jubilee Avenue
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