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VIRTUAL EVENT - Sulfur in the Earth system: From microbes to global cycles through Earth history

16 - 17 November 2020
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Conference, Virtual event
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Geological Society Events
Virtual event
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The cycling of sulfur has been important in controlling the chemistry of Earth’s surface environments for billions of years, at scales from the microscopic to the whole globe. 

It plays fundamental roles in many microbial metabolisms, in the transition to the oxygenated atmosphere and oceans of the Phanerozoic, and is a key volatile in volcanic systems. Studies of various aspects of the sulfur cycle have been accelerating in recent years but are spread across a range of scientific communities.

This meeting will aim to bring these diverse groups together to foster a holistic understanding of the role of sulfur in the Earth system. We welcome studies of:

  • Microbiological and experimental systems
  • The sulfur chemistry of terrestrial environments and the atmosphere
  • The marine sulfur cycle, including hydrothermal and vent systems
  • Sulfur in the deep Earth and volcanic systems
  • Records and models of sulfur cycling across Earth history


  • Tamsin Mather (University of Oxford)
  • Ben Mills (University of Leeds)
  • Itay Halevy (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Emma Liu (University College London)
  • Aubrey Zerkle (University of St Andrews)


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This conference will be virtual.


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