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SERG: Faulting in London - new insights into London Basin tectonics

15 October 2019
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Evening Meeting, Regional Group, Lecture
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South East Regional Group
Atkins, One Croydon, 12-16 Addiscombe Road CR0 0XT
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The near-surface of London is faulted, but the locations of these structures, their architecture and tectonic origins are broadly unknown. The key role of faults in London inherited from the underlying Palaeozoic basement has been identified, with three sets recorded that appear to have compartmentalised the ground. Where these faults overlap is coincident with fault zones identified by tunnelling projects, indicating that these zones are complex products of fault interaction and linkage.

The apparent lack of major faulting elsewhere in the London Basin indicates that the region was comparatively stable during the Alpine orogeny and is considered to reflect the role of the underlying Massif, with strain accommodated at its margins. When compared with the architecture of the neighbouring inverted basins, it becomes apparent that the London Basin is tectonically different.

This talk will introduce a new structural interpretation of London, including a preliminary fault map. This will be followed by a review of the London Basin, raising questions about its structure and tectonic behaviour.


Tom Morgan is an engineering geologist currently undertaking a PhD at Imperial College London investigating how tectonic scale processes affect site-scale geotechnical behaviour in London. He is also a committee member for the Engineering Group of the Geological Society.

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This talk is free, but for the purposes of finalising numbers for catering, please email to let the SERG know if you wish to attend.


One Croydon
12-16 Addiscombe Road


6.00pm for a 6.30pm start.