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AAPG Energy Transition Forum 2019

15 - 16 October 2019
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American Association of Petroleum Geologists
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
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Join AAPG in Edinburgh for their 2019 Energy Transition conference: 'A New Era for the Geoscientist'. The conference will focus on:

The role of the geoscientist in delivering The Future of Energy

Can I realistically help and have a positive impact on the environment as a geoscientist? The continued need for oil and gas in the foreseeable future is clear, and thus the role of geoscience in exploration and production. But does that mean geoscientist are absolved from making very active and real efforts to improve the environment? Carbon Capture and Storage can no longer be dismissed as an expensive luxury and geoscientists have a real role to play. The question is, whether current curriculums adequately position graduates to make a real difference.


Does the renewables agenda deliver real jobs for me as a geoscientist, or are they just a nice idea? Plenty options have been shared, in theory, where geoscientists can support renewable energy scenarios. Are these activities commercially viable and can they deliver real jobs? If so, where and if not, what do we need to do? Supporting the 2-degree economy by 2050 and the demand for new metals and minerals like aluminium, iron, lead and nickel, renewables like wind, solar and geothermal activities, will require key additional skillsets.


Evolution or revolution? What is the geoscientist already doing differently? Geoscientists have been digital for over 20 years, so are we talking about the development of the routine systems/applications currently in place, or true disruption? Let’s be clear. We need to step beyond the jargon and understand how ways of working have already changed, where they will continue to change, and how to capitalise on this.


Which geoscientists already have their travel bag of skills ready to go? What do these roles actually look like, with the hybrid competencies and polymorphic skill sets, filled by those well-versed in the commercial part of the business and willing to work beyond upstream and into the extended value chain. Let’s look at those mobile across a broader industry, from digital tech, to seismic operator, to oil & gas, to renewable and back and understand how they best prepared themselves to do this.

The forum aims therefore to collect and deliver practical recommendations to prepare a diverse range of geoscientists.



South Hall Complex
Pollock Halls
University of Edinburgh
18 Holyrood Park Road
EH16 5AR