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VIRTUAL GSL Public Lecture: Martian Organics – Linking Meteorites and Mission Data

02 June 2021
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Martian Organics – Linking Meteorites and Mission Data

The main aim of several missions to Mars is to determine whether life evolved on our small red neighbour. These missions will determine if organic compounds are present in the soils and rocks of Mars, and eventually return samples to Earth for detailed study. However, martian rocks are already present on Earth in the form of meteorites, and these rocks are known to contain organic compounds. During this talk I will outline what can we learn from these meteorites, and how can they help our investigations at the martian surface. 


Lydia Hallis - University of Glasgow

Lydia graduated from Imperial College in 2006, with an MSci in Geology. From there she moved to the Natural History Museum, London, to study for a PhD focused on the Geology of the Moon, where she worked mostly with Apollo returned samples. In 2010 she began work as a post-doctoral NASA astrobiology research fellow at the University of Hawaii, where she started to take an interest in martian meteorites, and the record of martian water that these meteorites contain. Her current research at the University of Glasgow includes the study of the mineralogy and chemistry of achondrite meteorites (those that originate from a rocky planet or large asteroid). Particularly, she is focused on how these planetary bodies retained volatile elements, such as hydrogen and carbon, during the hot conditions of their formation.


This event will be held virtually over Zoom and streamed live on YouTube at 18.00 BST


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