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YRG: Underground hydrogen storage - why, how, where?

25 May 2022
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Evening meeting, Regional Group
Organised by:
Geological Society Events, Yorkshire Regional Group
The Adelphi, Hunslet Road, Leeds
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Time & location

6pm at The Adelphi, Hunslet Road, Leeds

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The next few decades are expected to be amongst the most transformative the energy sector has ever seen, with significant opportunity to decarbonise our energy system. As part of this, the establishment of a strong hydrogen economy is a real prospect and will be central to the timely achievement of net zero. Energy storage will play a large role, and will have to be applied over a spectrum of times and capacities. In this talk, James will discuss the potential options for underground storage of hydrogen and some of the associated technical and geological challenges, as well as providing insight to one option currently being explored by Arup - underground hydrogen storage in lined rock shafts. 


Dr James Woodman is a Senior Geologist in Arup's rock mechanics team, working on rock engineering and applied geology projects from feasibility through to detailed design across the civil engineering, mining, nuclear energy and defence sectors.