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WRG Planning for flexibility: a case study in creating robust remediation designs that can handle the realities onsite

21 September 2021
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Evening meeting, Lecture, Virtual event, Regional Group
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Geological Society Events, Western Regional Group
Virtual event
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6.15pm for a 6.30pm start. This is a virtual event via Zoom.


Jack Shore, Regenesis

Event Details:

The Western Regional Group is pleased to welcome Jack Shore, Senior District Manager UK & Scandinavia, REGENESIS who will discuss what approaches can be used to target complex contaminant mixtures and how robust remediation strategies can be devised to allow adaptions to real-world site conditions. Jack has over 12 years of experience within the remediation industry and most recently has successfully implemented the first injection of PlumeStop to effectively stabilise a PFAS plume in the EU. A historic former timber yard was demolished and an office facility built in the early 1980s, was impacted with high levels of petroleum hydrocarbons and a mixture of pentachlorophenol, trimethyl tin and pesticides (lindane, dieldrin and aldrin, amongst others) thought to be a result of the timber yards industrial practices. Due to divestment; the office parks owner wished to remediate the site before the sale. An integrated remediation strategy was devised to accelerate close out. This strategy comprised excavation of the impacted vadose zone soils, in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) to target high levels of contamination and in situ sorption and enhanced biological degradation through the injection of colloidal activated carbon and an oxygen release compound, to achieve low groundwater concentrations. Once on-site, it was discovered that conditions differed from that identified in the site investigation, due to the location of site services, more heterogeneous geology and lower permeability threatening the ability to apply the necessary in situ substrates. This presentation will describe the planned remedial approach, and the challenges overcome onsite. Activities undertaken included: flux zone identification, injection testing, alternating use of ISCO agents, targeted deployment of enhanced natural attenuation and tailored dosage of activated carbon. Site activities will be presented as will the results of the treatment.


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Western Regional Group

LinkedIn - WRG ID: 2670120