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Late Cenozoic Evaporite Tectonism and Volcanism in West-Central Colorado

Product Code: USPE366
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Robert M. Kirkham, Robert B. Scott, Thomas W. Judkins
Publication Date: 24 January 2003
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GSA Special Paper 366.

Regional late Cenozoic evaporite tectonism has caused widespread collapse in west-central Colorado. Miocene volcanic rocks are downdropped as much as 1200 m in a collapsed area that is at least 3600 km2 and possibly more than 5000 km2. During the late Cenozoic, rivers removed an estimated 2300 km3 of dissolved evaporite from the contiguous Carbondale and Eagle collapse centers. Collapse was quantified by restoration of deformed Miocene to Quaternary basaltic flows to their pre-collapse position. Late Cenozoic incision rates increased by an order of magnitude during the past 3 m.y., probably triggering or accelerating diapirism and dissolution of evaporite. Annual dissolved solids loads in rivers indicate that removal of evaporite continues at a rate that matches independent geologic estimates.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2366-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2366-2
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 240
Weight: 0.85 kg


1. Introduction to late Cenozoic evaporite tectonism and volcanism in west-central Colorado Robert M. Kirkham and Robert B. Scott 2. Late Cenozoic tectonic and geomorphic framework surrounding the evaporite dissolution area in west-central Colorado Thomas A. Steven 3. Tertiary cooling and tectonic history of the White River uplift, Gore Range, and western Front Range, central Colorado: Evidence from fission-track and 40Ar/ 39Ar ages C.W. Naeser, Bruce Bryant, M.J. Kunk, Karl Kellogg, R.A. Donelick, and W.J. Perry Jr. 4. Implications for evaporite tectonism in the Carbondale and Eagle collapse centers of west-central Colorado, based on reprocessed seismic reflection data William J. Perry Jr., John J. Miller, and Robert B. Scott 5. Evaporite tectonism in the lower Roaring Fork River valley, west-central Colorado Robert M. Kirkham, Randall K. Streufert, Michael J. Kunk, James R. Budahn, Mark R. Hudson, and William J. Perry Jr. 6. Eagle collapse center: Interpretation of evidence for late Cenozoic evaporite-related deformation in the Eagle River basin, Colorado D.J. Lidke, M.R. Hudson, R.B. Scott, R.R. Shroba, M.J. Kunk, W.J. Perry Jr., R.M. Kirkham, J.R. Budahn, R.K. Streufert, J.O. Stanley, and B.L. Widmann 7. Late Cenozoic deformation by evaporite tectonism in the Grand Hogback monocline, southwest of the White River uplift, Colorado Robert B. Scott, Bruce Bryant, and William J. Perry Jr. 8. Dissolved-solids-load contributions of the Pennsylvanian Eagle Valley Evaporite to the Colorado River, west-central Colorado Daniel T. Chafin and David L. Butler 9. Geologic setting, character, and potential hazards for evaporite-related sinkholes in Eagle and Garfield Counties, northwestern Colorado Ralph G. Mock 10. Correlation of late Cenozoic basaltic lava flows in the Carbondale and Eagle collapse centers in west-central Colorado based on geochemical, isotopic, age, and petrologic data James R. Budahn, Daniel M. Unruh, Michael J. Kunk, Frank M. Byers Jr., Robert M. Kirkham, and Randall K. Streufert 11. Paleomagnetic investigation of the structural deformation and magnetostratigraphy of Neogene basaltic flows in western Colorado M.R. Hudson, S.S. Harlan, and R.M. Kirkham 12. 40Ar/ 39Ar ages of late Cenozoic volcanic rocks within and around the Carbondale and Eagle collapse centers, Colorado: Constraints on the timing of evaporite-related collapse and incision of the Colorado River Michael J. Kunk, James R. Budahn, Daniel M. Unruh, Josette O. Stanley, Robert M. Kirkham, Bruce Bryant, Robert B. Scott, David J. Lidke, and Randall K. Streufert 


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