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Variscan-Appalachian Dynamics: The Building of the Late Paleozoic Basement

Product Code: USPE364
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Jose R. Martinez Catalan, Robert D. Hatcher, Jr., Ricardo Arenas
Publication Date: 07 May 2002
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GSA Special Paper 364.

This book is dedicated to the construction of the Late Paleozoic basement of Europe and eastern North America and to the evolution of the Gondwanan and Laurentian continental margins and their intervening ocean basins. Chapter topics range from individual massifs to syntheses of the entire Appalachian and Variscan orogens. The first chapters aim to decipher paleotectonic environments based on paleobiological, stratigraphic, or petrologic data. Metamorphic petrology is used in the succeeding chapters to estimate pressure and temperature conditions of subducted portions of the Variscan belt and the processes involved on their exhumation. Structural geology assumes progressively greater importance as the emplacement of allochthonous units is discussed in the following chapters, and the large-scale tectonics and plate interactions is dealt with in the last part of the book, which culminates in a review of seismic signatures in the Caledonides, Variscides, and Uralides and their tectonic implications.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2364-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2364-8
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 312
Weight: 1.10 kg


Preface v • 1. Alternative approach to the Variscan Belt in southwestern Europe: Preorogenic paleobiogeographical constraints, Michel Robardet • 2. Stratigraphic record of preorogenic to synorogenic sedimentation, and tectonic evolution of imbricate units in the Alcañices synform (northwestern Iberian Massif), Emilio González Clavijo and José R. Martínez Catalán • 3. Tectonic setting of the Monte Castelo gabbro (Ordenes Complex, northwestern Iberian Massif): Evidence for an arc-related terrane in the hanging wall to the Variscan suture, P. Andonaegui, J. González del Tánago, R. Arenas, J. Abati, J.R. Martínez Catalán, M. Peinado, and F. Díaz García • 4. Early Devonian suprasubduction-zone ophiolite related to incipient collisional processes in the Western Variscan Belt: The Sierra de Careón unit, Ordenes Complex, Galicia, C. Pin, J.L. Paquette, J.F. Santos Zalduegui, and J.I. Gil Ibarguchi • 5. Prograde development of corona textures in metagabbros of the Sobrado unit (Ordenes Complex, northwestern Iberian Massif), Ricardo Arenas and José R. Martínez Catalán • 6. Variscan pressure-temperature evolution of garnet pyroxenites and amphibolites in the Baie d'Audierne metamorphic series, Brittany (France), Harald Lucks, Bernhard Schulz, Claude Audren, and Claude Triboulet • 7. Contrasting high-pressure metabasites from the Santiago unit (Ordenes Complex, northwestern Iberian Massif, Spain), F.J. Rubio Pascual, R. Arenas, F. Díaz García, J.R. Martínez Catalán, and J. Abati • 8. Structural record during exhumation and emplacement of high-pressure-low- to intermediate- temperature rocks in the Malpica-Tui unit (Variscan Belt of Iberia), S. Llana-Fúnez and A. Marcos • 9. Tectonic framework of the Cabo Ortegal Complex: A slab of lower crust exhumed in the Variscan orogen (northwestern Iberian Peninsula), A. Marcos, P. Farias, G. Galán, F.J. Fernández, and S. Llana-Fúnez • 10. Thrust and detachment systems in the Ordenes Complex (northwestern Spain): Implications for the Variscan-Appalachian geodynamics, José R. Martínez Catalán, Florentino Díaz García, Ricardo Arenas, Jacobo Abati,Pedro Castiñeiras, Pablo González Cuadra, Juan Gómez Barreiro, and Francisco J. Rubio Pascual • 11. Cross section through the central part of the Iberian Pyrite Belt, South Portuguese zone (Spain), Carles Soriano and Josep Maria Casas • 12. Alleghanian (Appalachian) orogeny, a product of zipper tectonics: Rotational transpressive continent-continent collision and closing of ancient oceans along irregular margins, Robert D. Hatcher Jr. • 13. Megadisplacements and the Hercynian orogen of Gondwanan France and Iberia, David Shelley and Gérard Bossière • 14. Transcurrent strain partitioning along a suture zone in the Maures massif (France): Result of eastern indenter tectonics in European Variscides? J.-P. Bellot, G. Bronner, and C. Laverne • 15. Variscides between the Appalachians and the Urals: Similarities and differences between Paleozoic subduction and collision belts, Philippe Matte • 16. Opposite subduction polarities connected by transform faults in the Iberian Massif and western European Variscides, Fernando Simancas, Francisco González Lodeiro, Inmaculada Expósito Ramos, Antonio Azor, and David Martínez Poyatos • 17. Paleozoic evolution of pre-Variscan terranes: From Gondwana to the Variscan collision, Gérard M. Stampfli, Jürgen F. von Raumer, and Gilles D. Borel • 18. Review of seismic reflector signatures of crustal deformation in the Appalachian-Caledonide orogen with reference to the Spanish Variscides and the Uralides, John H. McBride and James H. Knapp • Index 


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