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Request for comments - Call for Evidence on the Government’s National Geospatial Strategy

The recently formed ‘Geospatial Commission’ has launched a call for evidence to understand and map the future of location data for the UK. The work is being done in collaboration with 6 partner bodies, including the British Geological Survey, the Coal Authority and the UK Hydrographic Office.

The call for evidence is very broad ranging but contains a number of focus areas that are relevant to geoscience research and industry.

These include Earth observation and satellite imaging, geological maps, subsurface and near-surface environmental data, subsurface geophysical data, marine geospatial data, natural resources and subsurface infrastructure data as well as broader themes such as the requisite skills needed when working in geospatial data in the geosciences and the current interoperability of geospatial data in the geosciences with other data sets.

Comments or information on any of the above technical areas as they relate to the Call for Evidence would be useful to see to help shape the Society’s response.

You can find links to the questionnaire documents for the Call for Evidence on

Some of the more relevant questions are included below:

  • What are the geospatial needs/gaps in the sector. Which datasets should be prioritised for increased access.
  • How can the Commission develop the UK’s capability in Earth observation data.
  • How should geospatial infrastructure be prioritised for development and investment?
  • Which existing or potential geospatial applications can be scared up or developed to capture economic value.
  • Are there any useful international comparisons for where geospatial data development is done well and could be a model for best practice?

If you have any thoughts or comments on any of the above that you think would be relevant to include in a Geological Society-led submission, please contact the Head of Policy and Engagement, Florence Bullough at before Wednesday 26 September.