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Sponsor A Book


Launched in 2009, the 'Sponsor A Book' Appeal has raised over £8,000 and allowed us to restore, repair and conserve 27 volumes from the collection, as well as some of the earliest memoirs and correspondence between the Society's founders. We thank all those from amongst our Fellowship, Friends and Corporate Patrons for their generous support so far.

But there are many more books in need of conservation - and we still need your help!

If you would like to sponsor a book please view our list of titles in greatest need of repair.

A special bookplate will be placed in each fully restored book with the name of the person, persons or company who sponsored its restoration and the date that the work was completed (if you wish, of course, your sponsorship can remain anonymous).

Sponsored titles

Palissy   'Oeuvres de Bernard Palissy, revues sur les exemplaires de la bibliotheque du Roi' (1777) - Dr. Michael Price and Dr. Michael Simms (2009)
Nicol   James Nicol's 'Guide to the geology of Scotland; containing an account of the character, distribution, and more interesting appearances of its rocks and minerals' (1844) - Donations Committee of Maersk Oil North Sea UK Ltd (2010)
Hauy   Rene Just Hauy's 'Traité des caractères physiques des pierres précieuses, pour servir à leur détermination lorsqu’elles ont été taillées' (1817) - Professor Paul Henderson (2013)
MurchisonHull   Roderick Murchison’s ‘Siluria’ (1855) and two editions of Edward Hull’s 'Coal-fields of Great Britain' (1873 and 1881) - Dr Christopher Howells (2011)
  W.T. Blanford’s 'Observations on the geology and zoology of Abyssinia, made during the progress of the British expedition to that country in 1867-68' (1870) - Dr Christopher Toland (2011)
Lyell   Charles Lyell's 'The geological evidences of the antiquity of man: with remarks on theories of the origin of species by variation' - Mr Frances Lees (2012)
BunburyLacoste   Charles Bunbury's 'Journal of a residence at the Cape of Good Hope' (1848) - Professor Richard Howarth (2009)
Pierre Lacoste's 'Lettres minéralogiques et géologiques sur les volcans de l'Auvergne' (1805) - Mr John Henry (2009)
Cuvier    Georges Cuvier's 'Recherches sur les ossements fossiles de quadrupèdes' (1812) - Mr Anthony Brook, Mr Phil Clarke, Mr Warren Jones and Dr Richard Symonds (2009)
IMG_1064resized.jpg   James Silk Buckingham's 'Travels among the Arab tribes inhabiting the countries east of Syria and Palestine' (1825) - Dr John Davey (2011)
Owen   Richard Owen's 'A history of British Fossil Reptiles' (1884) - The De Laszlo Foundation (2013)
  • Geological atlas of China (2002) - Mr Oscar Miron Valdespino (2011)
  • El volcan de Paricutin (1947) - on behalf of Mr Martin King (2011)
  • Journal of the Geological Society (1884) - Mrs Margaret Dobson (2011)
  • Recent sediments of the gulf of Paria (1954) - Professor Alan Lord (July 2009)
  • Herschel, Sir John,  A treatise on astronomy (1833) - Dr Sue Shawcross (2013)
  • Topley, W., Geology of the Weald (1875) - The John Daniels Fund of the London Branch of the Open University Geological Society (2014)
  • Woodward, Arthur Smith, Catalogue of the fossil fishes in the British Museum (Natural History) Part IV: containing the Actinopterygian Teleostomi (1901) - Anonymous (2014)
  • Bakewell, Robert, An introduction to geology [‘Bakewell’s Geology’] (1833) - Anonymous (2014)
  • Mantell, Gideon, A pictorial atlas of fossil remains… (1850) - Anonymous (2014)
  • Wood, Searles Valentine, Jnr, 'A memoir in explanation of the structure of the glacial and post glacial beds, mapped in a geological survey of the Ordnance Sheets nos 1 and 2 (1867) - Dr Peter Riches (2015)

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