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Special issues - July 2018

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Thematic special issues from e-journals which the Library provides offsite access to for Fellows using 'Athens' logins are listed below. Open Access special issues which require no passwords are also listed.

Geoscience frontiersFrontiers in early Earth history and primordial life - Part II

Geoscience frontiers vol.9 issue 4 Pages 1021-1161 (July 2018)
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The middle section of vol.9 no.4 forms the second of two special issues of contributions providing insights into planetary formation, Earth's early history and primordial life. The first part was published in vol.8 no.2.

Geoscience frontiersSecular change in Earth processes

Geoscience frontiers vol.9 issue 4 Pages 965-1019 (July 2018)
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The first section of this issue contains four papers on secular change in the siliciclastic compositions of continental margins; evolution of the Mineiro Belt in the southern São Francisco Craton; supercontinent breakup; and changes in oceanic crust composition.

Earth-science reviewsTectonic systems of Mexico, origin and evolution

Earth-science reviews vol.183 Pages 1-182 (August 2018)
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This special issue contains six manuscripts describing some of the most relevant tectonic systems of Mexico in chronological order, starting with an evaluation of its pre-Mesozoic crystalline basement. The remaining five manuscripts assess the Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonic construction of Mexico in the context of global tectonic processes that have changed the face of the Earth over the past 200 million years.

Cretaceous researchCretaceous ammonites: a volume in memory of Richard A. Reyment (1926–2016)

Cretaceous research vol.88 Pages 1-408 (August 2018)
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This volume contains a biography of Richard Reyment's life and scientific achievements followed by a collection of 24 papers on different aspects of Cretaceous ammonites. The term ‘ammonite’ is used here in the broad sense, i.e. comprising the ammonoid suborders Ancyloceratina, Phylloceratina, Lytoceratina and Ammonitina.

Quaternary international Paleoclimatic and paleoecological studies in Turkey’s Lakes – TURQLAKES2016

Quaternary international vol.486 Pages 1-214 (30 August 2018)
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This special volume contains 16 papers presented in the workshop “Paleoclimatic and Paleoecological Studies in Turkey’s Lakes – TURQLAKES2016” held in Ardahan, Turkey in 2016. It aimed to bring together geoscientists working on the paleoclimatic and paleoecological implications of lake sediments based on physical, chemical and biological proxies.

Quaternary internationalInside - Outside: Integrating Cave and Open-Air Archives

Quaternary international vol.485 Pages 1-208 (20 August 2018)
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This special issue covers 14 papers that were presented at the International Science Meeting “Inside – Outside: Integrating Cave and Open-Air Archives” held in Cologne on 6-9 April 2016. It brings together experts from archaeology, geography, geology and geophysics to discuss how to correlate different archaeological records as caves, rock-shelters and open-air sites and summarises the current state of knowledge as well as insights into challenging aspects of correlating data of human occupation and palaeoenvironmental data at different tempo-spatial scales by presenting cutting-edge methods, detailed case studies and modelling approaches.