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ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering Volume 1

Product Code: ICE003
Series: ICE publications
Author/Editor: Edited by John Burland; Tim Chapman; Hilary D. Skinner & Michael Brown
Publication Date: 06 February 2012
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Part of the ICE manuals series, ICE manual of geotechnical engineering is the definitive geotechnical reference, providing best practice knowledge for civil and structural engineers.
Written and edited by leaders in their fields, ICE manual of geotechnical engineering delivers the core geotechnical engineering principles, practical techniques, and the major questions engineers should keep in mind when dealing with real-world engineering challenges.
Volume I covers fundamental geotechnical principles and concepts, problematic soils and their issues and site investigation.
This knowledge is extended to inform design, construction processes and verification in Volume II.

ICE manual of geotechnical engineering is an essential guide and invaluable reference for practising civil and structural engineers, architects, designers, consultants and contractors, working on projects of all sizes.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-7277-5707-4
Publisher: Institution of Civil Engineers
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 744
Weight: 2.7 kg


Volume I

Foreword and endorsement


List of contributors


SECTION 1: Context

Chapter 1: Introduction to Section 1

Chapter 2: Foundations and other geotechnical elements in context – their role

Chapter 3: A brief history of the development of geotechnical engineering

Chapter 4: The geotechnical triangle

Chapter 5: Structural and geotechnical modelling

Chapter 6: Computer analysis principles in geotechnical engineering

Chapter 7: Geotechnical risks and their context for the whole project

Chapter 8: Health and safety in geotechnical engineering

Chapter 9: Foundation design decisions

Chapter 10: Codes and standards and their relevance

Chapter 11: Sustainable geotechnics


SECTION 2: Fundamental principles

Chapter 12: Introduction to Section 2

Chapter 13: The ground profile and its genesis

Chapter 14: Soils as particulate materials

Chapter 15: Groundwater profiles and effective stresses

Chapter 16: Groundwater flow

Chapter 17: Strength and deformation behaviour of soils

Chapter 18: Rock behaviour

Chapter 19: Settlement and stress distributions

Chapter 20: Earth pressure theory

Chapter 21: Bearing capacity theory

Chapter 22: Behaviour of single piles under vertical loads

Chapter 23: Slope stability

Chapter 24: Dynamic and seismic loading of soils

Chapter 25: The role of ground improvement

Chapter 26: Building response to ground movements

Chapter 27: Geotechnical parameters and safety factors


SECTION 3: Problematic soils and their issues 3

Chapter 28: Introduction to Section 3

Chapter 29: Arid soils

Chapter 30: Tropical soils

Chapter 31: Glacial soils

Chapter 32: Collapsible soils

Chapter 33: Expansive soils

Chapter 34: Non-engineered fills

Chapter 35: Organics/peat soils

Chapter 36: Mudrocks, clays and pyrite

Chapter 37: Sulfate/acid soils

Chapter 38: Soluble ground


SECTION 4: Site investigation

Chapter 39: Introduction to Section 4

Chapter 40: The ground as a hazard

Chapter 41: Man-made hazards and obstructions

Chapter 42: Roles and responsibilities

Chapter 43: Preliminary studies

Chapter 44: Planning, procurement and management

Chapter 45: Geophysical exploration and remote sensing

Chapter 46: Ground exploration

Chapter 47: Field geotechnical testing

Chapter 48: Geo-environmental testing

Chapter 49: Sampling and laboratory testing

Chapter 50: Geotechnical reporting

Index to volumes I and II


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