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Atlas of Structural Geological Interpretation from Seismic Images

Atlas Structural Geological Interpretation Seismic Images MisraGeological interpretation from seismic data can be a difficult task, due to a range of issues relating to data (quality, resolution and density) and geology (ambiguity and complexity). As such, this recently published atlas is a welcome addition to a reference collection.

Divided in five sections, the book first introduces the reflection seismic method before providing a raft of data examples from a range of geological settings. These examples, terrestrial and marine, are sourced globally, though dominantly from India and Europe. They show a combination of density plot and wiggle-trace data, with a strong emphasis on deep-penetration hydrocarbon-exploration-type data. Higher-resolution, shallow-penetration systems are not generally considered.

The introductory chapters provide a solid overview of the reflection seismic method, including discussion of processing and data resolution. Interpretation case studies are presented in the main body of the volume. These generally take the form of a page of summary text followed by two to four figures, which include an interpreted and uninterpreted seismic section. However, there is some variation in the structure of these case studies and formatting of figures can be inconsistent with, for example, variation in the notation of horizontal and vertical scale. In the best examples, structures are well imaged by high-quality data, allowing direct comparison with the interpretation shown immediately below. In some cases, the structures are less clear. However, such examples can be considered a useful inclusion within a collection of analogues; as the geophysicist does not always have the benefit of the highest-quality data.

The main limitation of the atlas is the lack of metadata surrounding the seismic examples shown. For example, seismic source volume, and thereby frequency, is not generally stated; nor are any other acquisition or processing parameters. Considering the first chapter of the book discusses issues concerning seismic data resolution, this represents an opportunity missed: one of the challenges of seismic interpretation is the correct identification of geological structures via seismic systems employing different source and acquisition parameters.

This last point notwithstanding, the atlas provides a good number of interpreted sections and should prove a useful source of data examples for reflection seismic interpretation.

Reviewed by Matthew Owen

ATLAS OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION FROM SEISMIC IMAGES, edited by A.A. Misra and S. Mukherjee, 2018. Published by: Wiley Blackwell 267 pp. hbk. ISBN: 9781119158325 List Price: £100.00 W: