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Shale Gas in Europe A Multidisciplinary Analysis with a focus on European Specificities

sartjutrsThis multi-author volume will be of value to lawyers, economists, politicians, energy analysts and investors. Typically, in such a book, the chapters are of variable quality; many are totally devoid of diagrams, maps and graphs.  Nevertheless the book is unique in its perspective and will be an important text for European shale gas investors for years to come.  Unfortunately the translations of certain chapters, particularly those from Polish and French are of only moderate quality and lack consistency – a major weakness where so many key legal precedents and statutes are quoted.

Part One consists of five chapters and has a welcome summary of Shale Gas in the USA.  This introductory part goes on to discuss the legal framework in Europe and then moves on to China.  In Part Two there is a summary of opportunities in Europe, but also a clear and concise discussion of the particular problems of Shale Gas exploration in densely populated countries

Part Three moves on to the specific environmental challenges facing explorers in Europe and concludes with a case study focussing on information dissemination in Germany.

Finally, in Part Four case histories are provided for France, Poland, Germany and the UK.  This section of the book is particularly welcome as it is a clear statement of the varied challenges facing shale gas investors in these countries where data is so scarce, and where exploration has barely began.

Overall a welcome volume which covers topics rarely discussed outside of North America.  It does however highlight why the shale revolution has transformed North American exploration and the energy economy, but also why commercial success is Europe is probably decades away

Reviewed by Tony Grindrod

Shale Gas in Europe: a Multidisciplinary Analysis with a Focus on European Specificities.  2013 .  Edited by Musialski, C., Altmann, M., Lechtenbohmer, S.,& Zittel, W. Published by Claeys and Casteels.  Deventer, The Netherlands.  553pp Available from Amazon (Hardback) @ £58.42