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Environment Network

Bryne Ngwenya Bryne T Ngwenya, Council Member and Convener, on an organisation of geoscientists for the environment.

The Geological Society is re-invigorating the Environment Network, launched in 2011 as a vehicle to facilitate networking on themes that cut across all aspects of environmental geoscience. The network will promote and develop activities that focus on big issues that affect our environment.

Aims and objectives

Geoscience encompasses the Earth’s Environment, which currently faces increasing pressure from a range of natural and manmade challenges, including diminishing resources, increasing production of hazardous wastes, climate change and the effects of emerging pollutants.

The Geological Society is home to a multidisciplinary membership, catered for by a number of Specialist Groups, which organise activities focusing on specific themes and topics. However, the environment is an overarching theme to many of these Groups, and other learned societies, and there is currently a gap in structures that can respond to cross-cutting themes. The Environment Network aims to fill this gap by providing a vehicle to co-ordinate events. Our companion poster (See print issue) outlines how the network will achieve its aims and objectives.

Getting involved

Membership is free to all Fellows of the Geological Society - and to non-Fellows.  You can register interest and sign up to membership to receive advance notification of events.  Our Committee welcomes ideas for future meetings, events and publication themes, as well as alerts to exciting activities going on in your field.