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Chartership news

jhgNewly Chartered

  • CGeol: Darren Bench; Helen Brown; Daniel Drummond; Anna Firth; Neil Forrow; Gary Hampson; Catherine Inglis; Anna Irlam; Tajudeen Iwalewa; Phillipa Kiernan; Martin Lucass; Brendan Marrinan; David Becerra Nunez; Marc Perry; Elliott Thomas.
  • CSci: Neil Brown; Godwin Eton; David Granger; Eric Sit.
  • EurGeol: Alex Beever; Richard Belcher; Miles Martin; David Moy; Adam Venn; Imtiaz Ujjan.

Interest in Chartership continues to grow and the number of applications for the May/June interviews stands at 41.

Pic: Dr Bill Gaskarth, Chartership Officer.

Changed procedures

A number of Engineering Geologists have the job title ‘Geotechnical Engineer’ or similar within their company employment. As a result many have focused their CGeol applications to show their geotechnical competency. This is a common mistake.  They are applying for the title of Chartered Geologist and hence it is their geological competency that is to be assessed, rather than their engineering. Part of this confusion is because we list ‘Geotechnics’ as an area of expertise on the Application Form. This will now be removed.

The table for indicating up to three areas of geoscience expertise will also be removed. The reason is that many applicants take three as a requirement, and some Scrutineers then assess them on all three. Applicants will now be asked to produce a short note to specify the area of geoscience for which they are claiming competency and the guidance on the website will be modified to reflect this.

A small change will also be made for those applying using the 20+ years’ experience route. They now will now be required to provide a short presentation, at the start of their interview, to discuss how they fulfil Chartership criteria, and they will also be asked to bring to interview some documentary evidence of their work in support, together with their CPD record.

‘CGeol’ in retirement

CGeol may be retained as a title in retirement with no requirement for CPD recording for Fellows who are not continuing with professional work. Their fee for retaining the title will be reduced. Retirees who continue to offer professional services, including advice and scrutineering, and who wish to use the title professionally, must demonstrate that they are maintaining their competence by doing and recording CPD.

Contaminated land

This Specialist Group has rewritten the Guidance for Fellows from this area of work wishing to apply for Chartership (CGeol and CSci). This is now available on the Society’s website.

Mentoring workshop

A further Workshop is scheduled for June 28, probably in Manchester. A few places are still available. Anyone interested should contact me (E: Chartership) as soon as possible.

Several people have indicated that they would like to attend one in London later in the year. The date I have in mind for this would be September 27. Anyone interested is asked to contact the Chartership Officer asap.  If there is sufficient interest I will confirm the date.


The Distinguished Geologists’ Memorial Fund (DGMF) provides two £2000 travel bursaries per year for early-career Fellows who are either working towards Chartership or who have very recently attained it. They are for professional development (courses, field trips, conferences, industrial visits, gaining experience and learning new techniques etc)

Forms are available on the Society’s website (in ‘About Us’ on the Home Page). Applications should be sent to E: Chartership. Fellows with mentoring responsibilities are asked to bring this to the attention of their ‘mentees’ and any other early-career Fellow in this category.