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White Russian diaspora

Dr Tchoumachenko

A bulgarian geologist whose ancestors fled Russia after the failure of the counter-revlution, is interested to hear from others.  Society Reporter Dawne Riddle reports.

Geoscientist 21.06 July 2011

Dr Platon Tchoumatchenco, of Sofia, Bulgaria (picture) describes himself as “a Bulgarian geologist of White Russian ancestry”. He would like to collect a list of all geologists of White Russian origin, from all generations after the Civil War (between the White and Red Russian armies) which was followed by victory of the Red Army and the subsequent White Russian exodus. “Many [White Russians] became geologists and worked in their new countries” Tchoumachenko writes. “I would like to commemorate the contributions they made to their adopted countries’ geology.”
  • If you fit this description, or have some addresses for those who do, please get in touch with Dr Tchoumatchenco at

Dawne Riddle