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About Geoscientist

Geoscientist cover Feb 2018

Geoscientist is the monthly colour Fellowship magazine of the Geological Society of London. It is the main means of communication between the Society and its Fellows.

Geoscientist operates as a "fourth estate" within the Society and is editorially independent of Council and the Secretariat.

The Editor, Dr Ted Nield NUJ FGS, is responsible to an independent Editor in Chief, former Society President, Prof. Peter Styles (University of Keele) and has an Editorial Board available for consultation over scientific content of feature articles (see below).

Geoscientist is distributed free to all Fellows and has a print run of 13,000. It is also sent to the media. If you are a journalist and would like to receive a copy, please email the Editor.

What's in Geoscientist?

  • Features - Two illustrated articles for in-depth coverage of topical geological subjects.
  • Books & Arts - reviews of recent books and exhibitions
  • People - Geoscientists in the news and on the move. 
  • Obituaries - tributes to Fellows lately deceased
  • Soapbox - Opinion piece submitted by a Fellow of the Society.
  • Letters
  • Crossword - A monthly prize crossword by 'Platypus'. Fellows may win a Special Publication of their choice. 
  • Society News - What the Geological Society is doing at home and abroad, in London and the regions. 
  • From the Regions - An occasional series highlighting the Society's Regional Group activities 
  • Events calendar - A forward listing of Society activities, including all Specialist Groups, Joint Associations, and Regional Groups. To get your event in the printed magazine Calendar you must first ensure that it is listed here by sending details to the website.
  • 'Sticks & Stones' - The misadventures of Dalston and Gibbet, two geologists described by one commentator as "a few taxa short of an assemblage". By cartoonist Dave Hughes.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board, chaired by the current Editor in Chief Professor Peter Styles*, consists of the Editor plus a number of professional geologists who are Fellows of the Society.  It currently (2018) includes Dr Ted Nield (Editor, ex officio - until June 2018) Dr Sue Bowler, Mr Steve Branch, Dr Robin Cocks, Prof. Andy Fleet (*Incoming EIC), Prof. Tony Harris (former EIC), Dr Howard Falcon-Lang, Mr David Shilston, Dr Jonathan Turner and Dr Jan Zalasiewicz.  Board members have no fixed terms of office, receive no payment and make themselves available for consultation by the Editor over the scientific content of feature articles.  Their work is carried on almost entirely by email, but they do meet once a year face-to-face, to review the magazine and brainstorm new ideas.

Please also read the Geoscientist Terms of Reference document here