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Geological Society Mentoring Workshop

26 March 2019
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1. Geological Society Events
The Geological Society (Burlington House)
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Register by 11 March

This is the final call to register. 

We hope to run this workshop but if fewer than 12 register by 11 March, the Workshop will be cancelled. 

Please contact the Chartership Officer ( to register your interest and for further information. 

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop will give you an appreciation of essential mentoring skills and a basic understanding of modern practice, including hints on how to negotiate and manage a mentoring relationship and to develop trust.  Effective mentoring, and its close relative executive coaching, appear simple but are not easy. 

There is no great body of theoretical knowledge to take on board. However, you do need an open willingness and curiosity to learn about an important aspect of our professional practice which is not in itself about earth science. You also need an altruistic desire to help younger professionals develop their careers and to be curious about your own career path, character and motivations.

What will you learn?

An outline for the course is:
  1. Introduction 
  2. What makes an effective mentor? 
  3. What knowledge skills and attitudes should we be encouraging in mentees?
  4. Some useful behavioural skills – questioning, listening , flexibility and giving feedback
  5. The mentoring process – how to structure sessions and avoid pitfalls.
An extensive manual will be provided.

The workshop will include about 40% experiential component, including supervised practice mentoring sessions. 

This workshop will not provide you with a mentoring qualification. However, it will help you to improve your mentoring, stimulate your interest, and encourage you to study the subject in greater depth.

Who will deliver the course?

The course is designed and delivered by John Arthurs. He has had a 50-year career in geological surveying and mineral exploration. For the past eight years he has also been practising as a qualified executive coach with a special interest in helping vocational professionals in developing their careers. 

In addition to working with private clients, he has also helped mining company executives deal with career and corporate issues and has mentored early and mid-career exploration geologists at home and abroad.

His wife Trudy Arthurs will co-lead the workshop. While Trudy is not a geologist, she is a coach-trainer with the Academy of Executive Coaching and is an associate with organisational development consultants Taylor Clarke. For the last 15 years she has maintained her own private practice specialising in career development for women and in developing confidence and self-belief.


If you company wishes to raise an invoice for the registration payment, please contact  the Conference team.

Registration rates

£ 200.00
£ 250.00
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£ 200.00

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