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Plate Tectonic Stories - Schools Competition!

We are inviting all primary, secondary and 6th form college geography, geology, science, technology, art and even dance classes to get involved and tell us a plate tectonic story of your own by creating something that brings plate tectonics to life and demonstrates some of the processes involved!
Each school class that enters the competition will receive an A1 sized poster on plate tectonics all yo need to do is fill in a poster request form and send this back with your competition entry form. 

Have a look at some of our schools competition entries here!

How to get started​

Competition entry form

Competition information and ideas for schools

Plate tectonics in the curriculum (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)

Terms & Conditions

Plate tectonics classroom resources




Plate Tectonics online module

Plate Tectonics Passport activity & presentation



Plate tectonics passport

Site information booklet

Plate tectonics powerpoint presentation

 Teacher's notes   Plate boundaries and arrows  Plate tectonics map (16 x A4)
Plate Tectonic Stories

Learn about the tectonic history of the UK and take part in our Plate Tectonic Stories competition!

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