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Gravity and Magnetic Methods in Mineral and Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Product Code: EA008
Series: EAGE publications
Author/Editor: By Y. Li & R. Krahenbuhl
Publication Date: 11 May 2015
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EAGE Education Tour #11

Gravity and magnetic data are among the oldest geophysical data acquired for the purpose of resource exploration and exploitation. They currently also have the widest areal coverage on the Earth, span a great range of scales, and play important roles in mineral, energy, groundwater, and environmental clear-up arenas. 3D inversion techniques have emerged as a major tool for the quantitative interpretation of these data. The availability of 3D inversion techniques has advanced potential- field interpretation from ‘anomaly bump hunting’ to 3D imaging of the subsurface by reconstructing the distribution of density or magnetic properties in various geological units and, thereby, have shifted interpretations from the data domain to the model domain. Similarly, inversion techniques are also poised to make major contributions to integrated modeling and interpretation, as well as to differentiating and characterizing geology, geological processes, and reservoir dynamics. The purpose of this book and the accompanying course is to present selected inversion-based interpretation techniques in the fields of mineral and oil & gas exploration and production. The focuses are twofold. The first is on inversions and associated techniques in support of such quantitative interpretation of gravity and magnetic data. The second is on the applications of these techniques in mineral exploration and reservoir monitoring. 

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9789462821590
Publisher: EAGE
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 155
Weight: 0.65 kg


1 Introduction
2 Basics of gravity and magnetic data
3 Processing of potential-field data using equivalent source techniques
4 Fundamentals of 3D Potential-field inversion for physical properties
5 Binary inversion
6 Inversion of magnetic data with remanent magnetization
7 Case histories from exploration applications
8 Time-lapse gravity monitoring
9 Case studies in time-lapse gravity
10 Summary


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