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Online Training Geohazards events 2021 (26 January - 13 July 2021) plus book

26 January - 13 July 2021
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Contributes to CPD, Lecture
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Geological Society Events
Virtual event
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Enjoy our complete programme of CPD Geohazards Events for 2021 plus a copy of the book "Geological Hazards in the UK".

Please note registration rates are for all 14 events plus the book (inc. a fee of £5 for postage and packaging). Individual rates can be found on individual course event page.

1. Online Training Geohazards: Glacial Hazards Lecture with Dr. David Giles  26/01/2021
2. Periglacial hazards plus London drift filled hollows with Dr. Paul Fish  9/02/2021
3.  Online Training Geohazards: Problematic soils - swell/shrink solid with Lee Jones BGS  24/02/2021
4.  Online Training Geohazards: Problematic soils - peat with Chris Eccles  03/03/2021
5. Online Training Geohazards: Problematic soils - quick clays/collapsible soils with Ian Jefferson  10/03/2021
6.  Online Training Geohazards: Landslides with Professor Eddie Bromhead  30/03/2021
7.  Debris flows with Professor Mike Winter  7/04/2021
8.  Online Training Geohazards: Coal hazard - mining subsidence and fault reactivation with Dr. Pete Brabham  20/04/2021
9.  Carbonate hazard - mining and dissolution with Dr. Clive Edmonds  4/05/2021
10.  Online Training Geohazards: Evaporate hazard - mining and dissolution with Dr. Tony Cooper  18/05/2021
11.  Online Training Geohazards: Metalliferous mining and building stone (principally Devon and Cornwall) with Simon Ruddlesen  1/06/2021
12.  Online Training Geohazards: Radon & Methane gas hazards with Dr. Antonio Ferreira (Radon) & Steve Wilson (Methane)  15/06/2021
13.  Online Training Geohazards: Seismic and tsunami hazards with Dr. William Murphy (seismic) and Dr. David Giles (tsunami and briefly volcanic)  29/06/2021

 14 Online Training Geohazards: Risks from Brownfield Land with Professor Paul Nathanail



Registration rates

£ 530.00
£ 690.00

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