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2019 awards and funds winners

The Society is delighted to announce the names of the 2019 winners of its medals and funds and offers all the winners its heartiest congratulations.   

Wollaston Medal

Prof Edward Stolper Caltech

Lyell Medal

Prof Nicholas Kusznir

University of Liverpool

Murchison Medal

Prof Marian Holness
University of Cambridge

William Smith Medal

Prof Frances Wall
Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter

Prestwich Medal

Dr Anthony Barber
Emeritus, University of London

Sue Tyler Friedman Medal

This medal was not awarded in 2019

Dewey Medal

Dr Nigel Woodcock
University of Cambridge

Coke Medals

Prof Richard Law
Virginia Tech

Prof Bramley Murton
National Oceanography Centre

Distinguished Service Award

Mr Colin Day
NERC National Marine Facility, National Oceanography Centre

R H Worth Award

Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre

Bigsby Medal

Prof Emily
Rayfield University of Bristol

Aberconway Medal

Dr Andrea Cozzi
Eni Upstream & Technical Services

Wollaston Fund

Dr Andrew Parsons
University of Oxford

Lyell Fund 

Dr Sam Giles
University of Birmingham

Murchison Fund

Dr Jonathan Pownall
Australian National University

William Smith Fund

Dr Brendan McCormick-Kilbride
University of Cambridge

President’s Award

Mr Oliver Dabson

Ms Nicole Duffin
Shell UK


The awards will be presented on Presidents Day on 6 June 2019.

Following the presentations the recipients of the Wollaston, Lyell, Murchison and William Smith medals will give a short talk on their subject. 

Nominations for 2020 Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Awards, Medals and Funds. 

Closing date noon on Friday 27 September 2019

Find out more about each award and how to nominate.

Mr Oliver Dabson



Ms Nicole Duffin

Shell UK