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Email to MP Template

Guidance on letters to MPs

1. Background

The Society is working with supportive Parliamentarians to impress the case and urgency of the situation to Government.
We are asking for your help to further build the support for Government to deliver an affordable, workable solution to allow the Geological Society to remain at Burlington House. We are co-ordinated in these efforts with our neighbours, the Society of Antiquaries, and the Linnean Society whose members are also writing to their local MPs.
The campaign needs Fellows to write to their local Members of Parliament to ask for their support.
Direct representations to MPs remain one of the most effective ways for a campaign to be heard by Government. We have a positive case to make backed with strong economic evidence on the public value of our work.

2. Guidance

• The Society has developed a number of key points which we invite you to include in your email to your Member of Parliament.

• We would encourage you to tailor and personalise your emails as much as possible to voice your own view and experience of the Society’s work.

• In order for us to record and help manage Fellows’ representations, please do forward a copy of the email sent to

• The email address for your local Member of Parliament can be found here. 

3. Suggested key points to include in your email

Dear [Name of MP],

· Introductory line – for example:

o I am writing to you as my Member of Parliament to ask for your support for a campaign to secure the future of the Geological Society at Burlington House.

· Summary of situation

o The Society will soon be forced to move from its home since 1874, Burlington House, due to unaffordable, rapidly escalating annual rent rises set by MHCLG, the landlord.

o Rent has increased by more than 3000% between 2012 and 2018.

o A similar situation is faced by our neighbours, the Society of Antiquaries and the Linnean Society.

· About the Society, its work and value

o Founded in 1807, the Geological Society of London is the UK’s national society for the Earth sciences and the oldest geological society in the world.

o The Society is a charitable organisation whose work focuses on improving our knowledge and understanding of the Earth for the benefit of society.

o We support c.12,000 members across the UK and overseas and play a world-leading role in the promotion of the Earth sciences, through education, outreach and awareness, informing policymaking, and upholding professional excellence in the work of Earth scientists.

o Our research grants have supported a wide range of Earth science topics including:

    • The evolution of life
    • The pace of environmental change
    •  The nature of volcanic eruptions
    •  Managing environmental contamination and protection
    •  Earthquakes
    • Microplastics
o At risk is the Society’s considerable contribution to the position of UK Earth science leadership on the global stage. According to independent analysis by PwC, The Society delivers £26.7 million of public value benefit annually through its work.

o The United Kingdom faces losing priceless, unique and internationally renowned libraries and collections.

o A move from Burlington House will be costly, diverting crucial funds away from our charitable work.

o The scientific and professional home of the Geological Sciences and the UK’s national capability will be internationally diminished.

· Request

o As my local Member of Parliament, I would ask if you could:
    •  Express my concerns on this matter to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (as the landlord), as well as the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (as the department concerned with UK science) and ask for their support in finding a solution.
    •  Contact Tim Loughton MP, who is helping co-ordinate Parliamentary interest on this matter.

Kind regards,