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The Society is governed by a Council of 23 members, including the President, up to three Vice-Presidents and four honorary secretaries. Council members are elected by the Fellowship.

Council is chaired by the President, who is elected for a two-year term. It meets five times each year.

All members of Council are bound by the Society’s Declarations of Interests policy.

Members of Council 2018/2019

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Nick Rogers

Prof Nick Rogers


Expertise: Geochemistry


Tom BackhouseMr Thomas Backhouse

Expertise: Risk/Environmental and Geological Hazards



Andrew BloodworthMr Andrew Bloodworth

Expertise: Economic Geology



John BoothMr John Booth

Expertise: Engineering Geology



Jason Canning_councilDr Jason Canning

Expertise: Petroleum Geology




Lesley Dunlop

Ms Lesley Dunlop

Expertise: Geomorphology



Graham Goffey Mr Graham Goffey


Expertise: Petroleum Geology


Sarah Gordon_councilDr Sarah Gordon

Secretary, Foreign & External Affairs

Expertise: Mining, Meteoritics, Risk


James Griffiths

Prof James Griffiths

Expertise: Engineering Geology



Naomi Jordan_council

Dr Naomi Jordan

Expertise: Sedimentology, Palaeontology, Palaeoenvironments




Chris KingProf Chris King

Expertise: Geoscience Educator



Robert Larter_councilDr Robert Larter

Expertise: Marine Geophysics




Colin NorthDr Colin North

Secretary, Publications

Expertise: Sedimentology


Bryne NgwenyaProf Bryne Ngwenya

Expertise: Microbial Geochemistry



Sheila Peacock_councilDr Sheila Peacock

Expertise: Geophysics




Nik Reynolds_councilMr Nicholas Reynolds

Expertise: Contaminated Land, Geotechnical Engineering




Katherine RoyseDr Katherine Royse

Secretary, Professional Matters

Expertise: Environmental Geology


Kevin Seymour_CouncilMr Keith Seymour

Vice President, Regional Groups

Expertise: Hydrogeology


Jessica SmithMiss Jessica Smith

Expertise: Engineering Geology



Helen SmythDr Helen Smyth

Expertise: Petroleum Geology



Rob StrachanProf Robin Strachan

Expertise: Tectonics, Geochronology



John TalbotMr John Talbot

Vice President, Chartership

Expertise: Engineering Geology, Geotechnical engineering


Alex Whittaker_councilDr Alexander Whittaker

Expertise: Tectonics and Landscape Dynamics




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Council Meetings

Council Meetings 2018/2019:

  • 4 July 2018
  • 18 & 19 September 2018 (residential)
  • 28 November 2018
  • 6 February 2019
  • 17 April 2019

Council Meeting Minutes: