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Basic Well Log Analysis for Geologists (2nd edition)

Product Code: 707B
Series: AAPG Methods in Exploration
Author/Editor: By George Asquith & Daniel Krygowski
Publication Date: 18 January 2005
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Basic Well Log Analysis is a general introduction to common openhole logging measurements, both wire line and MWD/LWD, and the interpretation of those measurements to determine the traditional analytical goals of porosity, fluid saturation, and lithology/mineralogy. It is arranged by the interpretation goals of the data, rather than by the underlying physics of the measurements.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains digital versions of the data from the case studies, a summary guide to the measurements and their interpretation, and a simple spreadsheet containing some of the more common interpretation algorithms.

This Second Edition of Basic Well Log Analysis delivers a great impact on training and self-training along with superior workbook exercises, newer measurements, borehole imaging, and nuclear magnetic resonance in separate chapters, all directed to provide a guide through the lengthy and sometimes ambiguous terminology of well logging and petrophysics. It provides readers with interpretation examples (and solutions) so that the techniques described here can be practiced.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-89181-667-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-89181-667-6
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 244
Weight: 0.87 kg


Acknowledgements • About the Authors • Preface (Second Edition) • Preface (First Edition) • 1: Basic Relationships of Well Log Interpretation • Introduction • General • Borehole Environment • Invasion and Resistivity Profiles • Basic Information Needed in Log Interpretation • Common Equations • Review • 2: The Spontaneous Potential Log • General • Formation Water Resistivity (Rw) Determination • Shale Volume Calculation • Review • 3: Gamma Ray Log • General • Shale Volume Calculation • Spectral Gamma Ray Log • Review • 4: Porosity Logs • General • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Log • Sonic Log • Density Log • Neutron Log • Porosity Measurement Combinations • Consistency in Lithology Prediction • Review • 5: Resistivity Logs • General • Laterologs • Induction Logs • Flushed Zone Resistivity Logs • Interpretation • High Frequency (dielectric) Measurements • Review • 6: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logs: by Steven Henderson • General • Limitations of Conventional Logs • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Applications • Principle of NMR Logging • Pore Size and Fluid Moveability • NMR Permeability • Direct Hydrocarbon Typing • NMR Applications in Carbonates • Review • 7: Log Interpretation • General • Scanning the Logs: A Reconnaissance Technique • Archie Water Saturations: Sw and SXQ • Quick-look Methods • Bulk Volume Water • Saturation Crossplots • Permeability From Logs • Shaly Sand Analysis • Review • 8: Petrophysical Techniques • General • Neutron-Density Lithology Plot • Neutron-Sonic Lithology Plot • Density-Sonic Lithology Plot • M-N Lithology Plot • MID (Matrix Identification) Lithology Plot (Pmaa vs. ~lma) • MID (Matrix Identification) Lithology Plot (Umaa vs. Pma) • Alpha Mapping From the SP Log • Clean Sand or Carbonate Maps from the Gamma Ray Log • Rock Typing and Facies Mapping • Review • 9: Borehole Imaging: by Neil Hurley • General • Electrical Borehole Images • Acoustic Borehole Images • Downhole Video Images • Emerging Techologies: Other Borehole Images • Borehole Image Interpretation • Review • 10: Interpretation Case Studies •  1: Pennsylvanian Atoka Sandstone, Permian Basin, U.S.A. • 2: Mississippian Mission Canyon Formation, Williston Basin, U.S.A. •  3: Eocene Wilcox Sandstone, Gulf Coast, U.S.A. • 4: Pennsylvanian Upper Morrow Sandstone, Anadarko Basin, U.S.A. •  5: Cretaceous Pictured Cliffs Sandstone, San Juan Basin, U.S.A. • 6: Ordovician-Silurian Chimneyhill Subgroup, Hunton Group, Anadarko Basin, U.S.A. • 7: Pennsylvanian Canyon Limestone, New Mexico, U.S.A  • References 


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