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Mississippian Reservoirs of the Midcontinent

Product Code: 1302
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by G. Michael Grammer, Jay M. Gregg, James Puckette, Priyank Jaiswal, S. J. Mazzullo, Matthew J. Pranter, and Robert H. Goldstein
Publication Date: 12 March 2020
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AAPG Memoir 122

The story of the Mississippian lime play began more than a century ago and captures the evolution of oil and gas exploration in Kansas and Oklahoma—from early drilling of simple traps to the current development of unconventional resource plays characterized by high fluid volume and the associated intensive surface and subsurface plumbing infrastructure.
Straddling the Kansas–Oklahoma border, the play fairway stretches in the subsurface from Grady County, Oklahoma, at its southern tip, northeasterd into Osage county, Oklahoma, out to the northwestern corner of Kansas, and also includes scattered drilling throughout western Kansas and northwestern Oklahoma. The petroleum system can be most simply described as Mississippian reservoirs charged with hydrocarbons largely migrated from mature Woodford source basins and trapped by the overlying blanket of Pennsylvanian shales.
Exploration and development of these complex and stacked reservoirs relies in large part on the geological understanding of the reservoir for accurate placement of horizontal wells as well as the implementation of efficient production practices.
The 23 chapters included in this volume provide detailed accounts of particular reservoirs, fields, processes, and problems in the Mississippian-aged reservoirs of the Midcontinent of the United States. These studies, which encompass a diverse and integrated approach and methodology, including biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, petrophysics, and seismic interpretation and modeling, provide both a framework for exploration and development and an insight into potential workflows that may be used to better understand similar complex reservoirs worldwide.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780891813996
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 560
Weight: 2.1 kg



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