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Petroleum Systems of the Tethyan Region - Memoir 106

Product Code: 1139
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by Lisa Marlow, Christopher C. G. Kendall, and Lyndon A. Yose
Publication Date: 11 April 2014
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AAPG Memoir 106.

This volume is intended to generate ideas for the future exploration of immature and mature basins across the Tethyan Region. From the Paleozoic to the Cenozoic, the Arabian Plate, North Africa and parts of Southern Eurasia, were on the margin of a series of Tethys seaways, Proto-Tethys, Paleo-Tethys, and Neo-Tethys. These areas evolved together and as a result they have numerous similarities in their tectono-stratigraphic history and petroleum systems. These similarities could be used to extrapolate proven petroleum systems to underexplored areas and lead to hydrocarbon discoveries. The back cover illustrates the countries that evolved along the Tethyan Region in their present day location. Countries covered in this volume are outlined.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780891813866
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 780
Weight: 2.9 kg




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About the Editors

Introduction, By Lisa Marlow, Christopher C. G. Kendall, and Lyndon A. Yose

The Evolution of the Tethys Region throughout the Phanerozoic: A Brief Tectonic Reconstruction, Fabrizio Berra and Lucia Angiolini

Stratigraphy and Depositional Systems of the Southern Tethyan Region, C. G. Kendall, A. S. Alsharhan, and L. Marlow

Petroleum Systems and Their Endowments in the Middle East and North Africa Portion of the Tethys, Thomas S. Ahlbrandt

Hydrocarbon Provinces of Libya: A Petroleum System Study, Hassan S. Hassan and Christopher C. G. Kendall

Egypt’s Future Petroleum Resources: A Revised Look into the 21st Century, John C. Dolson, Mahmoud Atta, David Blanchard, Adel Sehim, Jennifer Villinski, Tom Loutit, and Karen Romine

The Petroleum Systems of Israel, Michael A. Gardosh and Eli Tannenbaum

Petroleum Geology of Jordan, Sebastian Lüning and Jochen Kuss

Insights into the Petroleum Prospectivity of Lebanon, F. H. Nader

Tectonostratigraphic History and Petroleum Potential of the Levantine Basin, Eastern Mediterranean, Lisa Marlow

Petroleum Systems Offshore Cyprus, Lucien Montadert, Stelios Nicolaides, Per Helge Semb, and Øystein Lie

Petroleum Systems of Syria, Eric Barrier, Louai Machhour, and Marc Blaizot

Iraq, George J. Grabowski, Jr.

Petroleum Systems of Turkish Basins, Ahmet Sami (A.S.) Derman

Petroleum Systems and Distribution of the Oil and Gas Fields in the Iranian Part of the Tethyan Region, M. L. Bordenave

Mesozoic Stratigraphic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Habitats of Kuwait, A. S. Alsharhan, C. J. Strohmenger, F. H. Abdullah, and G. Al Sahlan

Tethyan Petroleum Systems of Saudi Arabia, D. L. Cantrell, P. G. Nicholson, G. W. Hughes, M. A. Miller, A. G. Bhullar, S. T. Abdelbagi, and A. K. Norton

Depositional History and Petroleum Habitat of Qatar, F. S. P. van Buchem, N. Svendsen, E. Hoch, R. Pedersen-Tatalovic, and K. Habib

Mesozoic Petroleum Systems of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Abdulrahman S. Alsharhan, Christian J. Strohmenger, and Abdulla Al-Mansoori

Petroleum Geology of the Sultanate of Oman, Henk Droste

Petroleum Systems and Basins of Yemen, Mustafa As-Saruri and Rasoul Sorkhabi


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