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Geosciences and the Energy Transition: Resources on a Finite Planet

06 - 07 September 2021
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Conference, Virtual event
Organised by:
Geological Society Events, Energy Transition, Energy Group, Mineral Deposits Studies Group, Critical Minerals Association
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Geosciences and the Energy Transition: Resources on a Finite Planet

This September event is focused on the resources needed for future energy systems. Contributions are requested on the challenges, future technologies and advances in responsible recovery and stewardship of key resources (including strategic minerals, hydrocarbons, water and soil health)  that will all under-pin a successful energy transition.  In addition, presentations linked to the investment, circular economies, public awareness and policy needs associated with the future use of earth resources, are all welcome.  

The virtual meeting will run on the afternoon of the 6th Sept and the morning of the 7th Sept. Presentations will include an introduction and scene setting from Mike Daly (President of the Geological Society) and Julian Kettle, (Senior Vice President, Metals and Mining, Wood Mackenzie).

The third of a series of webinars to assess and highlight the role of Geosciences in the Energy Transition (ET).

The aim is to cover science progress and achievements in critical areas, the context of geosciences in society awareness, Government policy, finance, insurance, and economics linked to the Energy Transition.

The abstract deadline is 26th July 2021. Abstracts are welcome on any aspect of the responsible recovery and stewardship of key resources. 

This webinar is the third of a series in 2021 leading to a Discussion Meeting on the Energy Transition in April 2022.

Series Overview and Purpose

The series of meetings will provide updates and discussions on the geological science needed to underpin future energy changes and to promote the systems approach for the collaborations needed for efficient integration of geosciences into the ET.

The series of Webinars/Meetings is aimed at addressing the following questions:

1. What are the recent advances and future needs in geoscience areas critical to the Energy Transition?
2. How can Geosciences contribute more effectively to the Energy Transition?
3. What advances in Geoscience integration into societal needs and public awareness of the Energy Transition are possible?
4. How well is the Geosciences community integrated with other sciences and engineering, and how can a more multidisciplinary, systems approach be achieved?

The outcomes of the series are aimed at:

• Increased and accelerated awareness of the role, contribution and importance of the geosciences to the Energy Transition.
• Highlighting the need for rapid and robust planning and action on responsible resource usage and the use of geoscience skills in the Energy Transition. 
• Generating a platform for multi-disciplinary engagement and collaboration across the geosciences and with other sciences as a foundation for future interdisciplinary meetings/engagement on the ET.
• Publications in the online open access journal; Earth Science, Systems and Society (ES3).

Provisional Programme

Speakers will include:

  • Julian Kettle (Wood Mackenzie)
  • Christian Davies (Shell)
  • Erika Faigen (Durham University)
  • Simon Gardner-Bond (TechMet)
  • Helen Gavin (Ricardo)
  • Brett Grist (Critical Minerals Association)
  • Murray Hitzman (iCRAG)
  • Peter Hopkinson (Exeter University)
  • Paul de Leeuw (Robert Gordon University)
  • Alan MacDonald (BGS)
  • Andy Samuel (Oil and Gas Authority)
  • Mike Simmons (Halliburton)
  • Dan Smith (Leicester University)
  • Frances Wall (Exeter University)


  • Rob Knipe (University of Leeds) 
  • Jon Gluyas (University of Durham)
  • Stuart Haszeldine OBE (University of Edinburgh) 
  • David Reiner (University of Cambridge) 
  • Frances Wall (University of Exeter) 
  • Nick Gardiner (St Andrews University and Geological Society Theme Leader)
  • Jen Roberts (University of Strathclyde) 
  • Mike Stephenson (BGS)                   
  • Jo Coleman OBE (Shell)
  • David McNamara (University of Liverpool)

Additional Co-ordinators for ‘Resources on a Finite Planet’:

  • Dan Smith (Mineral Deposits Studies Group)
  • Jeff Townsend, Kirsty Benham (Critical Minerals Association)


Registration for this conference is open now via the link on this page, or contact to request a registration form.


We encourage you to submit an abstract for presentation at the meeting. Please submit your abstract online by 26 July 2021.


Please contact with any enquiries.

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