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Geology of England

24 - 28 February 2020
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Endorsed CPD Course
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The Green Park Hotel
The Green Park Hotel, Perthshire
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England has a great diversity of scenery packed into a small geographical area, and it is renowned for its ever-changing landscapes: from the stunning rugged peaks of the Central Lake District to the beautiful rolling hills of the South Downs National Park. But do you ever wonder why the landscape of England is so varied and looks the way it does? This is due in part to the extremely complex underlying geology... with almost 700 million years of geological history packed into such a small area, the rocks and fossils have a great story to tell.

But that’s not all, as circa two million years ago the Earth’s climate started to cool as we entered an Ice Age, and glaciers and ice sheets covered most of Britain at their maximum. The upland areas of the UK were deeply eroded, gouged and sculpted by glaciers – forming the beautiful mountainous landscapes seen today and exposing the deeply buried ancient rocks. The eroded material was transported to the surrounding lowland plains, where it was then deposited and moulded into various landforms due to glacial action.

If you would like to uncover England’s diverse geological heritage and learn more about its rocks, minerals, fossils and landscapes, then come on an exciting journey that will encounter catastrophic volcanoes, long-lost oceans and rivers of ice.

You will also have a basic introduction to geology on the first day, to help ‘set the scene’ for the rest of the course. The course is delivered through a series of PowerPoint presentations with hands-on practical sessions. A substantial, museum-quality geological collection of rocks, minerals and fossils, from both England, the wider UK and abroad, will be available for you to view and handle on this course.

A large variety of geological maps and general interest books, guides and textbooks will also be to hand for inspection, from basic to more advanced, to suit all levels. A ‘petrological’ microscope that is specially adapted to look at thin sections of rocks will also be present, so that you can scrutinise the magnified inner secrets of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks down the microscope.

Date and time

Monday 24 February 2020 to Friday 28 February 2020


The Green Park Hotel
Clunie Bridge Road
PH16 5JY

Cost and booking information

£448 per person, which includes course fees, residential accommodation and all meals in the hotel. A discount of £25 is offered to Fellows of the Geological Society.

To book, download the booking form from The Green Park Hotel's website, or alternatively contact the hotel directly via the contact details below.


Dr Annette McGrath

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The Green Park Hotel

The Green Park Hotel

Dr Annette Mcgrath