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Specialist in Land Condition

Specialist in Land Condition Register Limited

In 1999 the Urban Task Force led by Lord Rogers published the report “Working Towards Renaissance”, championing a holistic approach to urban regeneration, part of which recommended the introduction of a standardised documentation describing the condition of brownfield sites as part of any transaction process. Following consultation across a broad range of organisations, property developers and government, the Land Condition Report (LRC) was launched, supported by a quality assurance sign off system by an accredited professional. To meet this need the Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) registration scheme was introduced; a register for experienced practitioners from a diverse range of professional bodies working in the brownfield regeneration sector and advising on land condition matters.

Whilst the scheme was initially designed as a qualification for the sign off of the LRC, it has developed progressively, establishing an important role in improving quality and standards across the industry.

What is a SiLC?

SiLC is an accreditation scheme for experienced individuals who have demonstrated a high degree of experience, competence and skill in land assessment during their career. Qualification to the register is gained through examination and interview. A SiLC is not expected to be a technical expert in all disciplines associated with land condition assessment but rather have a clear overview of the procedures, is able to demonstrate a broad awareness, knowledge and understanding of land condition issues, and can give impartial and professional advice in their field of expertise.

A SiLC is competent to verify the accuracy of a completed Land Condition Record (LCR).

The SiLC scheme is an industry-leading initiative that helps to enhance professional standards, assists with career development and imposes a strong, ethical code of conduct by which all SiLCs must abide.

How can I register to become a SiLC?

Candidates for SiLC registration must be able to demonstrate:
  • A minimum of 8 years suitable work experience after graduation
  • Membership of a professional body at an appropriate level
  • Degree - qualified or equivalent
  • Chartered status/ member of relevant UK professional body (at specific level)
  • A minimum of 8 years relevant experience in the areas land assessment, remediation and land transaction process within their area of expertise.
For further information on the criteria for SiLC or to download the Registration Guide and Application Form, please see the SiLC website:

Who administers the scheme?

The Specialist in Land Condition Register Limited is administered by the SiLC Professional and Technical Panel (PTP) comprises of representatives from eight of the Professional Bodies who are all members of the Company and act as the ruling committee in all registrations. The organisations that make up the PTP are:
CIRIA is the secretariat for the registration scheme on behalf of the SiLC PTP.