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How to Propose a Volume

The focus of the Society’s commissioning is acquiring books in our main series:
The Society also publishes books in other series, and has arrangements with the following organizations for the publications of books arising from their activities:
The Society occasionally publishes book that do not fit within any series. We welcome proposals for volumes that will appeal to professional geoscientists within industry and/or academia. The Society is dependent on surpluses from publishing activity, and proposals must satisfy economic as well as scientific criteria – volumes that represent unconventional viewpoints are unlikely to sell well.

Proposals should be submitted by email to the Commissioning Editor.

Information required for edited volumes

  • Title
  • Editors names and addresses
  • Meeting date and organizing body
  • A brief description of the aims of the book
  • List of chapter titles and authors
The proposal can be based on your meeting programme, but you should format the list of papers to reflect the intended structure of the book. We understand that there may some uncertainty about which papers will be submitted and accepted at this stage. You should indicate what introductory/synthesis chapters you intend to include. You should also indicate what steps would be taken to fill any gaps in order to produce a balanced volume. The Society will not publish books that are obviously proceedings volumes.

The ideal time to submit a proposal arising from a meeting is shortly after the abstract deadline. You can get preliminary feedback from the Commissioning Editor in advance, and if that is positive, then it is acceptable to say ‘We hope to include selected papers in a GSL Special Publication subject to normal review procedures’, or words to that effect.

Information required for non-edited volumes

  • Title
  • Table of contents
  • Names and address of all the authors
  • A brief summary of the aims and scope of the book
  • Two sample chapters if available
  • The approximate number of manuscript pages and diagrams
We would strongly recommend that you contact the Society before committing time and resources to writing your volume.

Assessment process

Once we have the full proposal, it takes about 4–6 weeks to reach a decision. Our appraisal involves internal and external review and a financial assessment. Once we have completed this, the proposal and reviews are circulated to the Books Editorial Committee with a recommendation.
If the review process identifies any weaknesses in your proposal, you will be given the opportunity to comment before the proposal is circulated to the BEC. Sometimes a revised proposal is requested.