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Women in Science

There is a worldwide gender gap among researchers, but a new interactive tool reveals some surprising exceptions.

100 Geosites: the Final List

100 Great Geosites: The Final List

Explore our list of 100 Great Geosites across the UK and Ireland for Earth Science Week 2014

Undergraduate Fieldwork Bursaries

2015 Undergraduate Mapping Bursaries

Novas Consulting Ltd is again generously providing bursaries for undergraduate field mapping. Applications close 1 February


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Fact Sheets, Posters, Animations, Lesson Plans, Links & Fieldwork Resources for Teachers & Students from Key Stage 2 to Undergraduate level

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics

Our online resource aimed at students aged 14-16. Learn how the theory of plate tectonics has developed, watch animations of what happens at different plate margins, and the tectonic history of the UK.

Education and Careers

This area includes material relevant to school teachers and students; through higher education and employment options; to lifelong learning and CPD.

Geoheritage fact sheet

New Fact Sheet on UK Geoheritage

In October 2014, the Society announced its list of 100 Great Geosites. Find out more about the geoheritage of the UK and Ireland, and why we have such an amazing range of geological sites.
Lesson Plans

New Lesson Plans

Read our new Lesson Plans for some classroom inspiration for Earth Science Week.
Radioactive Waste

Podcast Double Bill: Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Rebecca Lunn of the University of Strathclyde and Professor Neil Chapman talk about the UK's efforts to dispose of our higher level radioactive waste, and the potential risks involved.
Earth Science Week 2014

Jobs in Geology and Earth Science

View the latest employment opportunities in geology and the Earth science industry with our online job listings. Search for vacancies across a wide range of sectors and locations.
The Geological Society Careers Days

Geoscience Careers

Got a Question?

Ask a Geo

Have you got a geological question about the Earth, the planets, geological time, fossils, anything?