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University Representatives

Representatives (formerly called ‘Agents’) are in place at most of the higher education institutions in the UK that offer geology modules; and there are also two at overseas universities. All Reps are volunteers. The individual is generally a Fellow of the Society.

The role of Representative can be described as follows:

  • To increase awareness of the work of the Society and the profession as a whole among those with whom they work and teach

  • To actively recruit for the Society
Most representatives hold a brief meeting at the start of term in order to bring the activities of the Geological Society to the attention of students and give out application packs to those who wish to join. Other materials are available from time to time (or on request) such as promotional posters.

A current list of representatives is shown below, with contact details. Note that we are only able to show email addresses where permission has been granted for us to hold this information on our database and use for Geological Society purposes only. 

Current University Representatives:

Prof David Jolley (University of Aberdeen)
School of Geosciences, Aberdeen, UK

Dr Jens Andersen (Camborne School of Mines)
University of Exeter in Cornwall, Penryn, UK

Mr Richard Batchelor (University of St. Andrews)
School of Geography & Geosciences, Scotland, UK

Dr Sarah Boulton (University of Plymouth)
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Plymouth, UK

Dr Peter J Brabham (Cardiff University)
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Cardiff, UK

Prof Peter Burgess (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Department of Earth Sciences, Egham, UK

Dr John Cosgrove (Imperial College London)
Department of Earth Science & Engineering, London, UK

Dr Gordon Curry (University of Glasgow)
Division of Earth Sciences (Geology), Glasgow, UK

Prof Richard Dawe (University of the West Indies)
Chemical Engineering Department, St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago

Prof Hilary Downes (Birkbeck College, University of London)
School of Earth Sciences, London, UK

Mrs Amanda Edwards (University of Manchester)
School of Earth, Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences , Manchester, UK

Dr Sally Gibson (University of Cambridge)
Department Of Earth Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Miss Jean Hall (University of Newcastle)
Department of Geology, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Prof Kevin Hiscock (University of East Anglia)

School of Environmental Science, Norwich, UK

Mr Chris Hunt (University of Liverpool)
School of Environmental Sciences, Liverpool, UK

Dr Stuart Jones (University of Durham)
Department of Earth Sciences, Durham, UK

Dr Andrew Malone (University of Hong Kong)
Department of Earth Sciences, Hong Kong

Dr John Marshall (University of Southampton)
School of Ocean and Earth Science, Southampton, UK

Prof Paul Nathanail (University of Nottingham)
School of Geography, Nottingham, UK

Dr Dawn Nicholson (Manchester Metropolitan University)

School of Science & The Environment, Manchester, UK

Dr Hugh Pedley (University of Hull)
Dept of Geography, Hull, UK

Dr William Perkins (University of Wales)
Institute of Earth Studies, Aberystwyth, UK

Dr John Reavy (National University of Ireland -Cork)
University College, Cork, Ireland

Dr Hazel Rymer (Open University)
Department of Earth Sciences, Milton Keynes, UK

Prof Andy Saunders (University of Leicester)

Department of Geology, Leicester, UK

Mr John Sinclair (University College Northampton)

School of Science and Technology, Northampton, UK

Dr Martin Smith (University of Brighton)
Department of Civil Engineering, Brighton, UK

Dr Ian Stimpson (University of Keele)
School of Earth Sciences & Geography, Keele, UK

Dr Roger Suthren (University of Derby)
Department Earth Sciences, Derby, UK

Dr Jonathan Turner (University of Birmingham)
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Birmingham, UK

Mr Nick Walton (University of Portsmouth)

School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Portsmouth, UK

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