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Environment Network


The Environment Network is an important new Geological Society initiative, launched in July 2011, that will promote and develop all aspects of environmental geoscience, putting environmental issues centre-stage within the Society and allowing geoscientists to claim their rightful place as authoritative and informed spokespeople on environmental matters.

As well as organising meetings, the Environment Network will also operate virtually – this page will be home to relevant material from across the Society’s website, links to relevant groups and organisations, debate and information about relevant activities.

Welsh Government - Environment Bill white paper 

The Welsh Government have launched a consultation on the Environment Bill white paper. Details of the consultation can be found on the Welsh Government Website.

Read the written submission from the Geological Society. 


Flooding Resource

FloodingFloods are one of the UK's most significant natural hazards, whilst globally they account for around 40% of all national disasters. Geologists can help in understanding why flooding happens, levels of risk, and mitigating the effects of flooding.

We have a number of resources relating to flooding, available from the Society website.

Climate Change Position Statement and Addendum


In December 2013 the Society issued an addendum to its original Climate Change Statement published in 2010. In 2013, in light of further research, the working group was re-convened to consider whether the original statement was still fit for purpose, and if necessary to amend or add to it. The working group concluded that the original statement continues to be valid and does not need to be amended. Instead the working group produced an addendum setting out new research findings relevant to the questions raised in the original statement.

The full technical version of the addendum together with the non-technical summary, aimed at principally non-specialists and Fellows of the Society with a general interest and the original climate change position statement can be found below: 

2013 - Read the climate change position statement addendum.

2010 - Read the original climate change position statement.

Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry: Marine Protected Areas

The Environmental Audit Committee have launched an inquiry into Marine Protected Areas. The Terms of Reference for the inquiry can be found on the committee website.

Read the written submission from the Geological Society.


Frontiers meeting: Nanogeoscience

Lecture_Theatre.jpgOn the 10th of December 2012 the Geological Society hosted a Frontiers Meeting on Nanogeoscience at Burlington House, in London. The meeting covered a range of topics including the characterising, tracing, reactivity, toxicity and application of nanoparticles.

Click here to download the abstract booklet (pdf).

DECC Consultation: Managing Radioactive Waste Safely

DECC have launched a call for evidence on Managing Radioactive Waste Safely: The siting process for a Geological Disposal Facility. The terms of reference for the inquiry can be found here

Read the written submission from the Geological Society.

Water Quality Consultation

Water Drops ImpactThe Science and Technology Committee launched an inquiry into water quality. The terms of reference for the inquiry can be read here:

Read the written submission from the Geological Society.


Environment Network blog

We are looking to Fellows to help with ideas and actions to promote the Environment Network – anyone out there in the geoblogosphere? We would love to hear your views and ideas. If you would like to submit a blog piece, contact Florence Bullough.

Geoscientist Online

Palace of Westminster

In this month's Geoscientist, the Society's policy assistant Flo Bullough writes on the Society's recent policy work including Carbon Capture and Storage, Extractive Industries and the National Curriculum Review. 

Contact Us

If you would like to get involved with the Environment Network, please email Florence Bullough.