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Mrs Tricia Henton

Council members

Mrs Natalyn Ala
Mr Jim Coppard
Mr David Cragg (VP C'ship)
Mr Chris Eccles
Mr David Jones (VP Rg Grps)

Other members

Dr Bill Gaskarth (Accred Panel)
Dr Jana Horak
Mr John Lewis (Quarries)
Mr Hugh MacDonald
Dr Paul Nathanail (SiLC)
Mr Peter Thorn
Chairs of all Regional Groups
CHUGD representative
YES representative


Mr Edmund Nickless (Executive Secretary)
Mr Mohammed Jahangir (Fellowship Services Manager)


To promote professional excellence and ethical standards in the Earth Sciences for the public good. These aims are achieved through:
  • defining, maintaining and developing high professional standards for geoscientists
  • promoting career development for geoscientists

Terms of reference

  • the establishment and validation of criteria for election to Fellowship
  • the establishment and maintenance of procedures to examine and affirm the standing of Fellows in the profession and practice of geology for the purpose of validation as Chartered Geologists
  • the development of training and Continuing Professional Development
  • the establishment, maintenance and adherence to a Code of Conduct
  • the investigation of alleged breaches of Code of Conduct and advising Council accordingly
  • the establishment of close links with the Society's Regional Groups
  • liaison with comparable organisations in the UK and overseas to further the professionalism of Geoscientists
  • the optimising of services provided to Fellows through periodic review of the adequacy of existing services and the scope for new ones


The Professional Committee (PC) will be chaired by the Secretary (Professional Matters) who should be a Chartered Geologist. At least 4 other members of Council will serve on the PC. Non-Council members will be appointed onto the PC, as necessary, and will generally serve as members of the PC for not more than three years. The majority of the PC will be Chartered Geologists.

The Executive Secretary and the Director of Operartions will attend meetings of the PC. The secretariat will be provided by the Fellowship Services Manager.

Method of working

The PC will meet at least four times annually.

Professional Committee Links

  • Fellowship
  • Chartership & European Geologist
  • Professional Information
  • Regional Groups
  • Accreditation Scheme
  • CPD
  • Training Course Endorsement
  • University Representatives

Reporting Committees