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Instructions for reviewers and publishers

For reviewers:

Titles available for review are advertised below. If you are a Fellow of the Society and would like to review one of them for us, please write to the Editor. You will be invited to keep the book in return for your efforts.

Geoscientist reviews are all 400 words long.

(Please note that titles advertised for review are not available from the Publishing House - unless otherwise stated.)

For publishers:

Geoscientist has a monthly circulation of c.12,000 copies, and is circulated exclusively to qualified professional Earth scientists worldwide, as well as Friends of the Society who are amateurs with an interest but no degree qualification in Earth sciences. If you want your book reviewed before this highly targeted readership, please send a review copy to:

Dr Ted Nield, Editor, Geoscientist, The Geological Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, LONDON W1J 0BG.

Books currently available for review by Fellows

(Fellows of the Society only please!)

  • NEW! Structural Geology (2nd Edn) by Haakon Fossen 2016 Cambridge University Press 510pp hbk
  • NEW! The Geology of Eigg by John Hudson, Angus Miller and Ann Allwright 2016 68pp pbk
  • NEW! The Destruction of Sodom - a scientific commentary by Graham Harris.  Lutterworth Press 2016 191pp, pbk.
  • NEW! Tectonics of the Himalaya by Mukherjee et al (Eds) Geological Society of London 2016 Spec Pub #412 323pp hbk
  • NEW! Arthur Smith Woodward - his life and influence on modern vertebrate palaeontology by Johanson Z. et al. (Eds) Geological Society of London 2016 Spec Pub #430 362pp (hbk)
  • NEW! Stochastic Analysts of Scaling Time Series - from turbulence theory to applications by Schmitt FG and Huang Y.  Cambridge UP 2016 204pp hbk
  • Industrial Structural Geology by F L Richards et al. (eds) Geological Society Special Publication #421 267pp hbk
  • Chemical, Physical and Temporal Evolution of Magmatic Systems by L Caricchi et al. (eds) Geological Society IAVCEI Special Publication #422 223pp hbk
  • Volcanic Geology of Sao Miguel Island (Azores Archipelago) by Gaspar et al (Eds) Geological Society Memoir #44, 2015 hbk 309pp
  • Applied Thermodynamics for Meteorologists, by Sam Miller.  2015. Cambridge University Press 285pp, hbk
  • Energy, the subtle concept – the discovery of Feynman’s blocks from Leibniz to Einstein by Jennifer Coopersmith (revised) 2015 Oxford University press 422pp, sbk.
  • Precession, Nutation and Wobble of the Earth by Dehant and Mathews 2015.  Cambridge University Press, 536pp, hbk.
  • The native woodlands of Scotland - ecology, conservation and management by Scott McG Wilson. Edinburgh Univ. Press., 271pp, sbk.
  • From Somerset to the Pyrenees - in the steps of William Arthur Jones, Geologist and Antiquary  by David Rabson.  Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society 2015109pp, sbk.
  • Geodynamic Processes in the Andes of Central Chile and Argentina by Sepulveda et al. Geological Society Special Publication #399
  • Fundamental Controls on Fluid Flow in Carbonates by Agar et al., Geological Society Special Publication #406
  • Volcanism and Tectonism Across the Inner Solar System by Platz et al. Geological Society Special Publication #401
  • The Use of Palaeomagnetism and Rock Magnetism to Understand Volcanic Processes by Ort et al. Geological Society of London Special Publication #396
  • A Memoir to the Map & Delineation of the Strata of England & Wales with part of Scotland by William Smith.  Facsimile edition, British Geological Survey 52pp sbk
  • Hidden Riches - a celebration of the Mining Institute of Scotland, by Richard Crocket, with Craig Durham & Graham Smith 2015 The Mining Institute of Scotland 134p, sbk.
  • Experiments in Reduced Gravity - sediment settling on Mars by Nicholas Kuhn 2015 Elsevier166pp sbk
  • Quaternary sea-level changes - a global perspective, by Murray-Wallace and Woodroffe.  Cambridge UP, 2014
  • Aquatic Organic Matter Fluorescence, Ed by Paula Coble et al., 2014 Cambridge UP
  • Tectonic Evolution of the Oman Mountains (SP392) by Rollinson et al., 2014 Geological Society of London 471pp hbk
  • Suffering the fire 2014 Barry Hotson.  Cillian Press, 246pp sbk.  A novel based on first hand experience of the Flixborough Disaster, when an oil refinery blew up causing many deaths - including that of the author's father - in 1974.
  • Formation, Detection & Characterization of Extrasolar Habitable Planets 2014 Nader Haghighipour (ed) IAU (CUP) 463pp hbk
  • The Finite-Difference Modelling of Earthquake Motions - Waves and Ruptures 2014 by Peter Moczo et al., Cambridge University Press 365pp hbk